Bra Colors to complement your fave outfit

Certainly you’ve noticed that modern days bras comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from remarkably light to the exotic dark. Since each of those bra colors has its own importance, finding the perfect bra colors to match with your favorite outfit can be a challenge. Below, we break down 5 best bra colors to compliment your dresses. Consider this your ultimate bra shopping guide to styling your undergarments. So next time you feel confused by What color bra should I get? refer back to this to get best solution

Keep reading to find out which bra colors flatter your favorite outfit the best! 


Bra colors to compliment your Dresses

 Black is Beautiful & Sexy!

It’s essential bra color for every women to posses  in her lingerie wardrobe, it’s essential. when you’re wearing a dark colored top, such as magenta, brown or dark blue. If you’re wearing a transparent top, it’s perfectly ok to wear a black bra under it with a camisole between the two. Just ensure to select a bra that gives full comfort and support. If you’re feeling more extrovert, pick a black bra with lace. As for the style, always choose push-up or t-shirt styles because they are more comfortable then normal cotton bras.If you want to wear a non padded bra choose to wear sport bra’s instead

5 Reasons Black bra is worth wearing

1- It flatters every skin tone

2-It allows you to experiment with sheer tops

3- It always in style

4- It’s what “fashion girl” wear

5– It’s color for every season


Best Bra colors for indian women

 Nude – Best bra color for light colored tops

A general mistake that many ladies make is to wear a white color bra under a white or light colored saree blouse or tee. A white bra will be clearly visible under a white or light colored blouse. If you don’t want your bra to clashing with clothes, you have to choose one that minimizes the difference in color between my skin and the bra. A nude bra will blend in with your skin and will actually not show up through some white or light colored tops.The only thing to keep in mind when you grab for a beige colored bra, is that it needs to match your skin tone in order to blend in. If you have a darker skin color, then you will need a solid nude color bra.

5 Reasons to own nude colored Bras

1- It offers a much more flattering range of color than the ever

2- It  tend to “match” skin tone

3- it will not show up through some white or light colored tops

4- Its is modest color

5- Its in Trend



 Bra colors – red is hot

Every woman has at least one red bra in her lingerie drawer. If you don’t, you must get one as early as you can. A red bra is sexy!  It has been scientifically approved that color red brings romance, confidence and attention to detail – Wow, so wearing a red bra is a sexy and powerful thing indeed!

Men from the world over found women more sexy and desirable when the ladies were pictured wearing red bra than with other colors, according to research.

This is what happens When You wear red bra

1- You feel sudden increases in enthusiasm

2-You feel more confident and sexy

3- You fell more in control

4- Increases of your emotions of excitement, arousal and passion

5- Develop a positive self image



Bra colors - why wear pink bra

Think and wear pink

If you are looking for a chic style, then wear the pink bra with white tops or shirts. Pink color represents calmness, gentleness and romantic love. Pink attracts attention and interest. Pink is a sign of hope, it is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings.Its approved by physiologists that high amounts of pink color can have a calming effect on the nerves.

So at least one pink shade of bra is must in your wardrobe and you can wear this with white top or light blue apparels.

This is how the color pink affects you

1- Pink gives you feeling for innocent romance

2- You feel more relax, draws energy, and makes you look more attractive

3- Pink is a very feminine color, so its great to wear for your first date

4- You feel more attractive and beautiful to look

5- Pink bra is the best lingerie for breast cancer awareness, doctor is also suggest to wear pink bra most




Bra colors - why wear purple

Personality color purple

Purple color bras are super cute. Purple color draws attention yet the lighter shades bring feminine and romantic appeal. Purple bra can be  worn with all dark colored tops.

Purple color also generate the feeling of love and romance. Wearing purple lingerie shows that you love yourself

Importance of purple

1- Wearing purple bra can make feel more feminine

2- Purple bra best suited under sheer tops

3- Purple lingerie makes you feels more romantic

4- Purple bra looks elegant

5- After wearing purple bra, you feel more peaceful and smooth



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