Do Indian men buy used panties online ?

Men buy used panties online because it’s going to trigger their fetish. It’s an International, Underground Industry.Some men enjoy sniffing used panties, and the Internet has provided them a way to pamper their fetish without stealing or bagging women’s panty. It’s also given a small, frank, and bold cadre of  Indian ladies an opportunity to make a extra cash from home.

The desire for used panties, is a well-known fetish with a large number of enthusiasts. It seems to be a huge business of men buying a ladies used panties, but seriously why? Why would men want to buy used panties online, you wonder?  The reasons are as obvious as you’d think, but there are some surprising ones, too. Did you know that men were buying used panties?  Tell us in a comment!

Girl’s Panties are combination of comfort and sexiness – Putting on panties for some men changes their mood and make them feel excited.
Some men are even more turned on by used ladies panties. Dirty panties. Or “soiled,” if you’re nasty
female scent, obviously, is a big part of it.Guys love women intimate smell…is so sexual and intoxicating…is a turn on.
Some men use it as a way to feel close to the person they love. “Sometimes a used panty wearer cannot get into direct contact with the lady he loves, so he finds her worn underwear the closest thing to her being there” 
Knowing panty he is wearing was once against a woman’s vagina is often enough to send a man into sexual bliss.
And don’t forget: Business idea. Some men are buying used panties, then turning around and selling them for more money to other men.


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  1. Rajesh says:

    Yes I have panty fetish I like sniffing used if you have used panties n I only buy used branded panties then mail me sure I’ll buy

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