Easiest bra size calculator for Indian women

bra size calculator for Indian women

Why do so many Indian women wear the wrong bra size?

Most women have some degree of frustration with buying bras because either they don’t know what is their correct size or can’t find a bra that properly supports, lifts, and fits.That’s why it is extremely important that every Indian women should learn how to measure bra size and good news is that it is super easy with Snazzyway’s Bra Size Calculator for Indian women.

Snazzyway’s Bra Size Calculator for Indian women

To answer the questions most Indian women have about bra , Snazzyway created their Fit video, the first of its type, to truly understand breast shape—by asking women to simply check size chart , no calculation required. At Snazzyway “We’ve collected over three lakh data about a woman’s body, and identified more than 2,200 different body types over the last two years,” Marketing head Piya Rawat says. “Our object is not to put you in a certain band or cup size; it’s really, when you look in the mirror, do you feel revolutionize into the most fascinating form of yourself?”Instead of limiting you to a band and cup size, the Snazzyway’s size calculator for Indian women takes into account the true shape of your boobs when determining a size. It even accounts for how your boobs sit on your chest.

Once You’ve Found Your true Size:

A true fit bra should never be annoying or unpleasant to wear. Here are a few helpful hints to tell whether you really have found the perfect bra size:

1) You should feel snug as a bug in a rug.

2) You should be able to fit a finger underneath the band.

3) You should not be pulling down on the back band or tugging on the shoulder straps during the day.

4) You should not be able to pull the band away from your body.


bra size calculator for Indian women

5) You should have good separation of the breasts, each snug in its own little compartment.

6) You should not have any extra gaping material in the cup. It should be completely filled.

7) When you raise your arms, the bra should stay snug against your body.

8) Shoulder straps should also fit snugly without causing pain.

There’s nothing quite like finding the right bras size, style, and retailer. Any lady who finds the right fit will often buy seven or more bras at once and put several of them away for the future. After all the time and pain spent in finding the right one, who can blame her?

The Perfect Fit For Indian Sizing:

While Snazzyway’s new sizing system is really easy because it doesn’t require a any calculations, there are ways you can measure your perfect bra size in the comfort of your own home. check the video below to find out how to determine your own perfectly fitting bra!

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  1. verma says:

    my UB is 72 Cms. and OB is 92 Cms. what size is perfect for me according to the different brands

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