Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own

Your 20s are an lively time, fashion-wise. Not only do you graduate from the jeans-and-top combo you wore through college, but more importantly, you get to explore and find your true personal style as an adult. And that starts with identifying essential lingerie to build your wardrobe around.

While you may have an idea of a few items to test out before-25, we’re providing you with few must-own pieces some of our favourite (and chicest!) celebs can’t stop wearing to spark style inspiration.

Keep scrolling to check out the Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own  that you should 100% try, too. Plus, shop each piece as well!

1- Stralpless Bras – for the cleavage you need and the style you want

With quality Strapless bras you can control lift and cleavage to get a look that you may never have thought possible. Now you can set the degree of lift and cleavage that you want, when you need it, and exactly how you want with any outfit. There are two styles of strapless bras: Choose convertible bra for its versatility with any outfit. Choose Strapless for wedding dresses and other formal wear – Check out snazzyway Range Starting from Rs 499/-

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own


 2 – Support Push up bras- looks amazing with low cut tops & Dresses

Want to try different bra style, that lift your breast and make them look larger, fuller, and higher then a perfect push up bra is what you need ..A perfect push-up bra is a  bra that lifts and supports your bust, creating sexy, feminine cleavage. Push up bras may make your breasts look larger, and they’re a popular choice among women with smaller bust sizes for this reason. However, girls with a bigger bust who like to show off their goods are also push-up bra fans too. Snazzyway Range Starts from Rs 299/

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own

 3-Cami bras -make great ensemble foundations and look beautiful

A perfect camisole bra will go well under your favourite top as a layering piece. There are several variations on the camisole bra, ranging from lacy camisoles to body shaping camisoles to plain cotton camisoles for everyday wear, and everything in between. Depending on the style and the fabric used, a camisole bra can be worn as an undergarment, as a complement to an open shirt or a shirt with a deep neck, or by itself as a stand-alone top on hot days. Snazzyway Range starts from Rs 299/-

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own

4-  The Corset bras – enhances the figure in the most extreme way 

Corset bras enhances the female figure in the most extreme way possible, enhancing the smallness of the waist, the flatness of the front, and the curve of the bust at the top of the corset. How much extra support you will get from then depends on how structured and wired the body section of the corset is. Support is not just around the waist and rib cage, but also in the bust area, depending on how you adjust the corset ties in the back. And what makes it even more special is that because it is so different, and definitely a whole lot more extreme in shape and design, it usually comes out of hiding during more special, intimate moments.

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own

5- Cute Thong Panties – For sexiness and no panty Lines

Every women like to feel sexy from time to time. What is more exciting and sexy than a new pair thong underwear to add to your appeal? Thong panties leaving most of your bum exposed , Very useful in preventing “Panty Lines” from coming through in tight dresses. Starts from Rs 199/- 

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own

6- Boy shorts – For total comfort

Boy shorts are notably great under skirts and dresses A good pair of boy shorts won’t show any traditional panty lines, so you can wear them underneath fairly tight pieces, too. Boy short panties offer more coverage than bikinis and thongs, yet they provide a sexy and sporty look. Another reason they’re great?  use as a lounge wear,  many women prefer to wear boy shorts to bed along with a tank .Range starts from Rs 199/

Essential Lingerie Every 20-Something Girl should own


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