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Is lingerie a good gift for wife?

The obvious answer is of course YES!

Being the occasional Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday gift, nothing says “Let’s get close” more than lingerie! It’’s a very romantic gift for wife, For special occasions of her life lingerie is so much better than perfume and dress or new photo frames. To your wife, the gift of lingerie says that you see her as MORE than just a wife or mother, and that you see as her someone you want to be intimate with.She will think of you each time she wears those lingerie, and you will get a thrill out of seeing her in them. In the gift message, write: “No matter what you wear, you always look fantastic to me.”and you are sure to get some action. Really!

Watch Her Eye Light Up

Lingerie has always been one of the sexiest presents you can give to your wife for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Birthday,Anniversaries, etc, but you can also choose to get your special someone a lingerie gift simply to let her know how significant she is to you!

At Snazzyway  we have teamed up with Three top lingerie expert in India to help you choose just the right lingerie Gift for Wife.Have a quick read for a straightforward and Fun shopping experience – with guaranteed smiles all around.

1- Size matter most

Nothing spoils her mood more than realizing that she can’t use the gift until you get it exchanged for the right size. This is the most evident sticking point when it comes to lingerie shopping . So don’t!

To know her size have a little examine through her lingerie drawer when she isn’t looking. Or, you can ask her directly too! This of course takes away the surprise element but we’re sure she won’t complain.

For bra size, look at the labels on the bras she owns. The label will have the size printed on it and you’ll be looking for a two digit number followed by a letter or set of letters, something like 32B or 36C. The numbers refer to how big around she is, and if you are looking at something like “70”, chances are you are looking at a bra with European sizing using centimetres. The letter refers to her cup size.

Waist size is easiest to get from a pair of pants or a skirt. Find something that doesn’t have an elastic waist band, fasten the buttons or zip the zippers and then measure the waistband.Also check her dress size, this comes in handy when buying sleepwear.

2-Colour Counts

After the Size, the next step is colour.What colours does she like? Usually her wardrobe can help but remember that work clothes don’t always reflect the colours she likes to wear so look at the colours she picks out for evening wear or casual clothes. If she prefers vibrant colours, then stay away from beige. If she favours lighter shades, then skip the bright colours.

Also, if you don’t already, pay attention when she is undressing.What colours does she normally wear? She may wear classic black and white for everyday, but may not necessarily want these styles as a gift. Try matching her lingerie to her favourite party dress – for totally glamorous dressing up!

 3- Style chaser

There’s so much to choose from and most of it can make no sense to someone who’s used to a simple “Hipster or briefs” shopping style.

A little time spent in thinking about her style won’t go wrong. How does she like to dress? Is she girly, romantic and feminine, does she go for full glamour and likes to vamp things up? Or is she understated, classic and demure? Have a browse through our collections to help you match the lingerie you buy to her distinctive style.

When in doubt, stick with something a little more conservative and then when she loves what you got her this time, you can get an idea of whether she’d be interested in something that is a little out of the ordinary.

Also, if you would like to see her in a style that is unlike anything she usually wears, it is best that you buy 2 gifts because if she doesn’t like it, she probably won’t wear it. Get something that you know she will truly like and another, for her to try out something completely different! Who knows, she may actually enjoy the change!

4- Ideas & Tips

  • If your Wife  prefer a chic, clean and simple style, buy lingerie in exquisite materials like silk in lighter shades.
  • For fans of an ultra-feminine look, get her something that is attractive without being too suggestive. Perhaps get her a babydoll or a lace chemise in light shades.
  • Since you are getting Gift for wife, why not get her something luxe and lavish covered with lace and sparkling embellishments? She can get lingerie for everyday wear for herself so use this opportunity to be indulgent.
  • Don’t forget those little finishing touches that can make your present all the more perfect.How about getting some sexy stockings to go along with your gift?

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    Amazing gift for wedding …. thanks Snazzyway for the products and providing best quality with great price….

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    Perfect Gift for your loved ones in her weddng with affordable price and great fit… Good Work Snazzyway…

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    Best gift for my wife on my wedding night.Wife loves it. Thanks

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    Am a regular buyer … Best site for lingerie…Loved gft section

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