Can you please help me which product to buy out?

Definitely! We are are always there to yo assist you with the best fit and best products, one of our product specialists will always suggest and guide you accordingly.
Please write us at

I have forgotten my login password, what do I do?

On the login page you would have an option “Forgot Password”, please click the option and enter the email id. You will receive a link and the same would help you reset you login password.

Have to send a surprise gift help me out in placing an order?

We had a team of product specialist to guide you so kindly write us at



What are the discounts currently running on your site?

We always have discounts and offers live on the site for multiple brands, we would suggest you to please visit our site. This will provide you the offers live on the site.

Can you take international orders?

Yes we do take international orders; you can write us at our team will guide you.



My coupon code is not working. What shall I do?

We truly regret for the inconvenience caused, however you can always write us at and the same will be resolved.

Forgot to use my coupon while placing the order?

Coupons are always valid for an year and other coupons do have a specific validity, same day the order is placed and coupon is not being used on the order. Please write us at We can edit your order the valid coupon can be used.

I have used a coupon code when placing an order and I received an error can use it again?

Every coupon issued is valid only on one attempt, in cases of the order is not successful and you get an error while placing an order. You can always write us we can help you reactivate the same coupon.



I am not in town on this date?

Once the order is placed, write us at we will be able to place the order on hold only in cases of it’s a pre-paid order.

In my Order page, it shows my order is completed but didn’t received it?

On the order summary page the status of the order changes to complete immediately once the order is dispatched from our ware house; however the same takes approximately 3-4 working days to be delivered

How do I know the status of my order?

If you’re a registered customer with us, you can always login into your account and will be able to see the status of your order. You can always  write us at

 Can I call you and place an order?

Yes you can always reach us at and one of our associate will help you place an order. Once the order is placed successfully, you will receive an email confirmation for the same.

When placing an Order I got an error, not sure if the order is placed?

We truly regret for the inconvenience caused, you can always check your shopping cart and if you notice the selected products still exist in the cart. The same is an indication that the order is not successfully placed. If an order is abondend or partially placed you will receive an email to your registered email id with the list of products added in the cart.

Will you list the items ordered on the package / box received?

Considering the discreet packaging as a factor we do not mention product details on the consignment; however we do send an invoice for the order placed with the product details to the mail id.

I wish to cancel my order that I placed?

To cancel an order you can always call us the same day or the next day the order has been placed. You can always  write us at

I wish to add new products or remove some products from my order or change my order?

Please call our customer care team  write us at the same day or the next day the order is placed.

How do I change my Mobile Number for an order placed?

Once the order is placed you will not be able to change the contact details from your end, However you can always write us at get it changed.

I got a mail today saying that further confirmation is required. When i clicked on the link, “No items in cart” is shown. What shall I do?

You might face such challenges when the cart is left unattended and the products you have selected are one of the fast moving products on our site. We request you to please add the products back on to the cart as per the product availability.

I have two orders to be delivered to the same address, Can you combine both the orders?

Please do  write us at the same day the order is placed. One of our associates will confirm if the order could be combined as per the product availability. In most cases we do combine the orders before the same are dispatched from our ware house.

I have received an email to confirm my COD order. When I clicked on it, nothing happened?

Once a COD order is confirmed by clicking the link received on your email. You will be get back to Snazzyway website and the page would display your order details. This is acknowledgement that the order is confirmed. If you don’t receive an invoice email regarding your order  write us at

What do the different order statuses mean?

PG (Payment Gateway Fail) – Transaction failure and unsuccessful order.
Processing – Successful order placed which is yet to be dispatched.
Cancelled – Unsuccessful order being cancelled.
Complete – Order which is dispatched and the same will reach the customer in next 4-5 working days.

I want to place an order without the price tags and invoice?

As a special case once confirmed by the customer on an email we do send orders without the invoice and without the tags, but in cases of any returns/exchanges we will not be accepting it.



I have received an error after I entered my card details. What shall I do?

If you are a registered customer you can always go to your account and choose orders on the left side menu and opt for reorder or you can alway write us at We can convert your order to be Cash on Delivery order.

The amount has been deducted from the account. But the order has not been placed?

We truly regret for the inconvenience caused, this could be one the challenges faced when the transaction times out. However the order is not successfully placed the system will automatically have the debited amount re emitted to your account as per your bank policies.

I have placed a COD order and confirmed it. I would like to make an online payment now?

We would request you to write us at and we will provide you with the bank details to which the amount could be deposited. Once the payment is received and confirmed for the same we would process your order and have the same ship out as a pre-paid order.



What is the return policy for an order placed?

Please visit our return policy page on the website; you will also be able to check the same information on every products.

I have received a wrong product? What shall I do?

We truly regret for the inconvenience caused, we do a quality check on all the products before the order is dispatched from our end, however if you have received a wrong product please write us at and we will arrange for a reverse pick up and have the incorrect products picked up from you door step.

Can we see the products before we take it from the courier?

We truly apologize at this moment we don’t have open delivery facility available.

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