How to pick seriously stylish plus size panties

How to pick seriously stylish plus size panties

Searching and buying for a seriously stylish plus size panties to look  great is really a big challenge. Not being able to find a lingerie store which carry many plus size panties styles is a universal problem for those gorgeous ladies who are plus size. Also being a plus size, your wish  is to find a panty style that will compliment your curves. Read on to understand How to pick seriously stylish plus size panties .

A few things:

1- wear panty style you love and think are super cool on your booty. All styles are for all body types. Even if you are not sure how you will look and feel in sexy panty  doesn’t mean you’re not “supposed” to be wearing it. You’ve got this stunning body, celebrate the way you feel like.

2- Take your measurements from the widest part of you. When buying a panty it’s very important that you order it based on your largest measurement this will ensure you’re wearing right panty that stay in place.

3- Never compromise with quality – Well, who doesn’t want good quality but you have to keep in mind that quality underwear is an investment, it plays a decisive role in shaping your body.

Plus Size Panties Mantra : The Brilliant Style Strategies

Your main focus when buying women’s plus panties is to get comfort and look good.For this you need to pay attention to what style panty you put on and how you match it to the colours of your outfit.

Proper Fit !

Tight panties can create uneasiness, and cause the edges of the panty to fold down. A proper-fitting should  fit properly and lie flat underneath . Great fit ensure you look great underneath any type of clothing.


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Choose Dark colours !

Colour is a amazing tool to cover weight. Dark colour considered as slimming colour. If you wear dark coloured panty  your butt will look attractive. So it is significant to select the relevant panty colour for your outfit

Go for coverage!

A total-coverage panty is best choice for plus sized women because they provide the necessary support and comfort needed to take you through the day.Full briefs can be worn with practically anything including Jumpsuits, dresses and skirts.

Cotton Is Best Fabric Choice !

When it comes to panty fabrics , its better to choose cotton as it is extremely comfortable and stretchable. Cotton panties allows your vagina to breath . Synthetic fabrics don’t breathe so avoid them.

 One Last Thing !

Remember, choose style and colours that match well with your outfits and also enhance your mood. The right panties can boost confidence at the same time.

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This post contributed by Yamini Das, on behalf of Yamini is a freelance writer and Plus size lingerie expert. She writes articles to share her tips with other plus size women, to help them feel more confident when selecting clothing.


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