is there any trustworthy drop shipping company in India

trustworthy drop shipping company in India

Finding trustworthy drop shipping company for your e commerce business can be real tough task in India.There are huge number of “bogus” drop shipping companies in google search results . Most of them do not own any physical stock, they simply display products they have sourced from real wholesaler or manufacturers .

You should consider few important points while searching for a trustworthy drop shipping company for your online business.  

1- Who Are They? Manufacturers, Wholesaler or a fake

Always try to find out manufactures of the products you want to sell on your web store and contact them to find out if they can drop ship their products. This is the master business stroke because manufacture can offer the true prices if they do drop ship, and if they don’t, they can at least introduce you to their wholesalers or stockist . These stockist will usually be trustworthy, and stock a huge range of similar products from different brands you can then add to your web store.If your drop ship supplier is credible wholesaler you can definitely earn a profit.

2-What profit margin they offer ?

Profit margin, build or break all businesses. The best way to achieve staying power in startups is to get to earnings and profitability fast.The bigger your profit margin, the better your odds are of being successful. The lower your profit margin, the more likely it is that you’ll just get by.Consider these three possible ways of generating Rs 500,00 of profit:Rs 20 Lakh revenue with 5% profit margin. Rs 10 Lakh revenue with 10% profit margin.Rs 5 Lakh revenue with 20% profit margin

When you consider some important business measures, the 20% profit margin indicates stronger performance than the results shown by the other companies.


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3- Let them Know that you need custom-made packing 

Since your costumer buys from your store, they will naturally consider that the products are from your business originally. Packaging and shipping slip will be expected by the customers . Many buyer are very particular about details like that so you must know if the drop ship supplier can customize the packages of your products to appear as originally yours.

4-What fee do they charge ?

There are two possible fees you’ll likely encounter with drop shippers:

Per Order Fee / One time set up fee: It’s common for drop shippers to charge a per-order or one time set up fee to cover the expense involved with packaging and shipping an individual product.

Monthly Fees:  Legitimate drop shipping companies do not charge any monthly fee. If you are considering a company that asks for an monthly fee to for doing business with them, the company is most likely a scam.

Purchasing Minimums: Some legitimate drop shippers may require a minimum purchase size, either for your first order or on a monthly basis. If you don’t meet these sales threshold, they’ll charge you a fee. They do this to filter out non-serious business owners who will likely be more trouble than they are worth.

With the above, you are on your way to selecting a trustworthy drop shipping company. Good Luck


trustworthy drop shipping company snazzyway


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