Men who likes to wear bra

If you too are a men who likes to wear bra and panties ,you already know that there’s no easier way to feel feminine than to slip into a sexy and elegant bra and panties…There are many how-to content on crossdressig flooding the internet, yet most of them leave you none the wiser. Why? Because they are written from the opinions of guys who have never tried cross dressing . I mean
 Do guys really know why they want to wear ladies undergarments?
How to get a bra that fits ?
What do women think about guys wearing bras and panties?
Is this normal ?
what if i get caught ?

So what better way to get detailed answers than to ask the real men who wears ladies bra and panties everyday themselves? and women who caught their men in lingerie ?From this group interview you’ll learn everything about men who likes to wear bra and panties.We had a lot of fun putting this interview together and would like to thank everyone who got involved! .To unlock the secret code of lingerie fetish you have to start by learning from scratch. So we asked this question to the women who caught her men wearing her lingerie :Read on to discover What do women think about guys wearing bras and panties with awesome tips on how to get a bra that fits ?


girl selling used panties India


“What do women think about guys wearing bras and panties?


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NOTE: Responses are listed in the order they were received in.


Piya Rawat |Well -known lingerie expert and writer


1. I do not like men in bras , but panties are cute, especially when a men is hot and busting out of them. 
2. I really love men in tight boy shorts, like cheeky shorts! Especially when he has nice thighs or a fuller butt!! ohmygosh! :).
3. If men and lingerie is sexy why wouldn’t they go well together?
4-I love men in girl’s babydoll nightwear.  The appeal for me is that, they’re a man showing their vulnerability in a sexual way





 Ellen T. White | Author of Simply Irresistible 


1.  I don’t find anything wrong about it. In fact one day my hubby asked me for my bra after we had sex and I gave it to him gladly. Later we had sex many times with him wearing my clothes and getting dominated. I’ve given him many of my used bra, panties and stockings because he likes to wear them and masturbate in them.


2. There are many men out there that struggle because what makes them feels good is not always right to everyone else. I believe there is nothing wrong with men who likes to wear bras and panties. All kind of people like different things. (that is life)


3. I really like seeing men in bra with matching panties. I can’t really explain why but it gets me every time






 Why do men Like wearing ladies bra panties ? 


Adrian Avery  | Gender and sexuality expert and activist


I’d say the 3 biggest reasons are:
1. The female side is much more sexy and elegant than the male form and to feel that and look at oneself in that form is an absolutely crazy feeling.


2. Everything associated with ladies undergarments is just so cute and sexy. The bras and the panties, seductive nightwear, babydoll. Many options and unlimited pleasure. The feeling of those sexy and soft undergarments against my body makes me go wild. This probably refer to the feminine part of my personality which I like to explore by wearing women’s undergarments.


3. It is  very erotic as well as just the thought of wearing ladies bra can really arouse me. It is a fetish. Sometimes, me and my loving wife have sex while me in bra and panties. This satisfies my fetish of and hers of lesbian sex.





Alice Ashton, Bra wearer | 

 #1 It’s simply a preference
#2 It is a very common fetish in straight men
#3 Putting on bra and panties for some men changes their mood and make them feel excited.
#4 Ever men has a feminine side to their self  and this can be expressed and experienced when they wear women’s undergarments
#5 Women’s lingerie feels great on skin
#6 Men just want to spend a little time imagining being a girl
#7 Women’s bras and panties make men feel pretty and special.
#8 It’s just a fantasy of being an object of desire.




Cool tips to choose bras and panties for men 


  • Go down at least two cup size. The main reason for this is that your breasts don’t fill out the bra cups. Try going down two cup size. For example, from a 36C to a 36A.


  • Wear a demi bra instead of a full coverage bra. Full coverage bras often have extra space at the top of the cup. A demi bra that’s cut lower eliminates this problem.


  • Choose a larger band size. A band that’s too tight will cause bulging, so go up a size. For example, from a size 40 to a size 42 band.


  • Look for a bra that are made with smooth, stretchy fabrics don’t dig in as much.


  • Try a longline bra. Longline bras have a wider band that helps eliminate back bulge.


  • Find a front closure bra. Front closure tend to have wider-set cups due to the center clasp.




What if you got caught wearing bra and panties? how to handle it?


Piya Rawat | Well -known lingerie expert and writer


1- The best thing to do is talk about it (without being shy) . Don’t feel guilty, dirty, and awful.Explain her why were u doing that anyway? See what he says.
2-Best thing is to laugh. and tell her  that this is the most common fetish that many men have.
3- Tell her you love her,appreciate her for being your pillar
4- Get a grip man! A real man; a man full of love, conviction, and with sky high high self-esteem and confidence in himself; a man in control of his life will first and foremost accept himself for who and what he is and won’t feel compelled to apologize for it! A real man; a strong man; a man of strength and courage won’t attempt to hide his feminine side from anyone and for those who haven’t come to terms with this simple truth yet, know that no human being is 100 percent male or 100 percent female and a further, yet simple truth, is that women are more male than men are female, as women were created from man and science backs this.


Buy used bra online


Whаt iѕ it аbоut оur used bra thаt iѕ ѕо special?The used bra fоr ѕаlе оn оur wеbѕitе аt аrе  from some of the the world’s most reputable brands and gently used. Thаt means thаt if уоu want tо buу uѕеd bra, уоu’vе соmе tо thе right рlасе… but whу are thеу ѕо grеаt?

Are Used Bra a Good Option?

A bra is an extremely intimate item. One of the inconvenience when shopping for high end luxury bras in India is that they are often extremely costly, leading some women to consider buying used bras – but is this a good option?

Whether or not to buy a pre owned bra comes down to the individual. If bra is in acceptable condition, and from a high maintenance type women , there is definitely nothing wrong with making a purchase like this. Some women may feel weird or awkward knowing that someone else formerly wore the garment, but there are many things to see. For example. Women often clear out their lingerie wardrobe, get rid of wrong size lingerie gifts and dispose of “used” items all the time -but that doesn’t always mean that they were formerly used. Here are a few important things to consider when talking about buying bra or even buying used bras in general.

* One thing to consider when buying used bra is how long they will last but this can be applied to new bras too. For example, you can get an entirely new lingerie wardrobe at a place like victoria secret and not spend a huge some of money, but how many months will you get to wear them?

* Also, when you buy used bras specifically, one concern is that you don’t really know how used they are or if they were taken care of. For example, you might find a great quality brand but if the previous owner didn’t follow the dry cleaning directions, you might be buying something that will fall apart after the first use.

So, now it’s time to hear from you. Do you like shopping for used bras? Does it bother you? Do you think wearing used bras is a good option  or a not-so-good choice due to the reasons listed above?


6 Responses so far.

  1. raaj78 says:

    As a male who likes to wear women’s bra , I have probably tried nearly every brand of bra out there. , as a male, it would be presumptuous of me to recommend any bras for women. However, I can motivate all men who wear bra to give the wounder love bra a try. In addition, to you guys who haven’t experimented with silky bras and panties, I can assure you that you don’t know what you’re missing.

  2. PantyLover says:

    Good afternoon Madam,

    I am a Man and avid women panty lover since last few years and wearing & trying all brands of women panty/thongs/G strings/bikini’s on very regular basis and wearing daily to my office because of fun, comfortness and sexy outlook, their colours, materials/fabrics…….

    Recently, I am venturing and trying to have “fun” by wearing ‘bra’ also….My wife also encourage me a lot …Off late I am wearing cute bras in home during night time only….
    Myself & my wife try to do shopping for bra’s and we couldn’t find any suitable for me…

    Can you advise a suitable bra for me.
    My chest size is 36″ to 37″ …
    My preference is bright colours, sexy, thin fabric and easily adjustable fancy straps….
    Also kindly advise me is it any ill effects for wearing bras once/twice a week during night before going to bed…??

    Is it normal Men like me (50Y old) to wear bras occasionally @ home….?
    Hope & wish my new found craziness about bra have no side effects at all…….!

    Panty Lover

  3. PantyLover says:

    Hi Madam

    My chest size is 36″ to 37″ …
    My preference is bright colours, sexy, thin fabric and easily adjustable fancy straps….

    Plz advise me suitable sexy Bra to wear occasionally.

    Panty Lover

  4. Sub083 says:

    All I can say is if you like women’s lingerie, specifically bra you must try used one! I read most of the reviews and decide to order some for myself and let me tell you they are the utmost best, very comfortable, form fitting, and sexy. Snazzyway is the best place to find suitable bras for men

  5. vik1986 says:

    I finally decided to try wearing womens bra and panties that would make me feel feminine. After reading the reviews from many males wearing bras I wanted to try . What a surprise when I put on the bra was like I was in heaven.Lacy Long line bra were just a luxury to wear.

  6. Thedirtywanker says:

    Wearing used bras are the best. The scent is turn on. Good god I love wearing a bra. My days feel amazing wearing these bras. The turn on is amazing

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