Plus Size Panties and Thongs

Plus Size panties and thongs

How to Buy Plus Size Panties and Thongs That Won’t Ride Up ?

All  plus size women have experienced this feared circumstance while shopping for underwear. . limited styles, poor designs and high cost .Fortunately, the solution is simple with a little tweak to your underwear shopping strategy you can have a lot of choices to pick . There are many cute and sexy panties there that are especially made for plus and extra plus sizes, and we’ve gathered together the best options for you. Continue looking to shop our most loved Plus size panties and thongs that won’t ride up .

Two words: cozy Panties

It’s truly no mystery to buy everything you want. Many plus size brands simply has all styles that we need to wear at any given time— Plus size panties and thongs, Hipster, Boy shorts, Bikini, sexy plus size panties and bra sets .Keeping an eye out on your panty wardrobe requirements and comfort is very important . After all it is the way you feel inside that makes anything you wear look Gorgeous .

Why The Fit Of Your panty Is Crucial

We use underwear more then 20 hours each day  – and if your panties don’t fit well, they pin your private parts with each body moments. It will affect your mood all dayTherefore, it almost goes without saying that plus size panties and thong you wear need to fit your curve without inching.

There is plenty of information out there to tell us how to find your true size. Google “Plus size panty size chart” and immediately you can choose from hundreds of sites that will inform you.

Know Your panty Size

It only takes a few minutes to determine your true panty size. Take measurements of your waist and hips. with the help of  tape and mirror .


Plus size panties and thongs  mesurement

Waist Measurements

1-Wrap the tape measure around your waist.

2-Measure around the natural indentation

3-If you can’t locate arch,angle to the side and the ridge will show you where to measure

4- You found your waist Measurement.

If you can’t find this curve, bend to the side and the crease will show you where to measure. This is your waist measurement. Write it down, you’ll need it in a moment.

Hip Measurement

1-cover the tape measure around the adequate part of your hips.

2-Use the mirror to ensure the tape measure is straight and completely around.

3-The tape measure should be snug and parallel to the ground.

All Plus Size women are Hipster fans

This Style  is the very popular in most plus size women’s underwear draw. In spite of the fact that these underwear are often marked as being very boring,they are very comfortable.  They embrace your butt and never hide under your tummy even during the movements .

Below are some valid reason why all plus size women are Hipster Fan


Plus size panties and Thnogs  Buy online India

1- Cover body in all the proper ways, cover the belly, and stay put all day long.

2- Very comfortable

3- Never disappear under gut

4- Not so boring like Granny Panties

Are you inspired to change to something other then the traditional cotton granny panties.

Great, just because you’re overweight you shouldn’t limit you to what you wants to wear . Many online stores now have many different plus size panties and thongs styles that are really cute, sexy and wearable for plus size women.If you like a particular panty style, you should try wearing it. Ladies–no matter their size–can and should wear whatever underwear style they want.The following are the underwear styles that many fashion expert claim plus size women can’t wear, and why they should regardless.

Hi Cut Bikini Briefs

You must have hard that “girl with curves – should not wear Bikini briefs ” many times, exclusively from so called lingerie experts who think they’re more smart than they are. But as anybody with little brain knows, “ Problem is not with fat women wearing bikinis briefs, problem is with anyone of any size wearing wrong underwear size ” a size xxxl women looks fine in a size xxxl bikini, than a size M girl wearing size XS bikini – Try this style  – If you’re comfortable,,, who cares!




Plus size panties and thongs  at snazzyway


A thong is a very-exposing panty style, and shows a large part of a backside skin – In fact, thongs only look gorgeous if you’ve got some muscle on your ass. Modern thongs come in many plus sizes, If they are available in a your size & are comfortable , then there is no reason why plus size women can’t wear thongs!

Boy shorts

This really is a underwear style many lingerie designers  say fat women shouldn’t wear,as they always ride up and gives wedgies in back. But the truth is boy shorts are the only non thong panty that doesn’t create VPL . They are really comfortable as long as made from stretchy fabric. If you try them, never size up.

Sexy lace Panties

Girl Be proud of your curves and flaunt them! You are worthy to wear anything at all that makes you feel good. Wear a sexy panty and be proud,You don’t need sexy underwear to make you sexy. You are sexy. sexy panties are there to remind you of that.

 One last Thing

There is no such thing as “perfect plus size panty style.” You’re sexy . You’re gorgeous and you are worthy to wear anything at all that makes you feel good , because when you feel good about you, everything changes for good.


This post contributed by Piya Rawat, on behalf of Piya is a freelance writer and  lingerie expert. She writes articles to share her tips with other women, to help them feel more confident when selecting clothing.

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