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Everything you need to know before buying Bikini panties online India

Bikini style panty is most  popular choice of  women.It’s the widely wear panty for one solid reason –  it’s sexy & look great on all body shapes.the right- Bikini  panties  enhance our self-image and gives us confidence in our appearance.Cut high on the leg to elongate your features, bikini panties offer a flattering but modest surrogate to skimpier styles. A full back defines the curve of your bottom without frolic all.If you have been toying with the idea of trying Bikini underwear, read on for the best advice. This time, we also list how to choose world’s best bikini panties online  India.

Difference between Bikini Brief & Regular Panty

Bikini briefs are cuter!!!! bikinis are smaller, tighter and show more. Bikini briefs have a lower waist band and are cut hight over the thighs, the string is thinner in the bikini brief exposing more skin. Regular panties are a little higher and go almost to the top of your hip bones and they cover your whole butt and a little more. If you are a jeans lover you must try bikini panties cause there comfy and you can look great in them.


Why every girl must own Bikini  Panties ?

There’s always been a long debate on what’s a better choice for women underwear:  While you generally tend to be more comfortable with the type of underwear you wear along the years, here’s a quick reality check about the advantages that bikini panties offer.


Bikini style panty offer more freedom inside, and tend to be more comfortable than regular briefs. That does not mean that regular briefs are “uncomfortable”, but let’s just say that they’re not something you would wear to celebrate your feminine spirit .




Bikini panties online shopping India


There’s a reason why  Bikini briefs are the more popular choice. It’s because they’re sexy. They’re tight, and provide the required comfort. Wearing a right bikini briefs to give us the chance to explore the wistful, sexy part of our character, delivering a little romance to our daily experience. We can discover new aspects of ourselves through panties too. Unusual bikini briefs, can reveal hidden facets of our nature and new ideas about us.


Like If we are what you eat,what we wear next to our skin represent who we are.  The right underwear gives us confidence, but there´s much more to the magic of sexy panty than just a quick boost to our self-regard .We’re exploring very thin world of bikini panties and breaking down the most choose styles — sorry, no see through

String bikini 

Very sexy – feels like you don’t even have anything on.They feel so good under slacks and jeans. Stay in place, great fit, and come in a variety of color choices! Great to flirt with on a windy day!

No Panty Line

Mostly made of polyester/spandex with cotton crotch.NO VPL Bikini panties have Laser cut edges along waistband and leg opening. Get the benefits of a thong (no VPL) along with benefits of bikini (full cotton crotch so can wear reg. pantiliner if needed; more coverage)

Brazilian Bikini Cut

Very Cheeky -The Brazilian bikini Cut panties offers minimal cut with maximum tanning potential. Typically more popular among younger women.they are sexy and make you feel like a goddess!

Sexy bikini panties online shopping in india

Seductive Options

There´s much more to the magic of sexy Bikini panty than just a quick boost to our self-regard. And it´s not just about wearing pretty things to seduce the person we spend our nights with, although that can be important too! Seductive panties helps us explore ourselves and discover the facets of our own eminence


How to measure yourself in two simple steps 

It’s important get an accurate measurement! Measurement is a simple process which consists of measuring your hips to find the perfect fit.
1)  Determine hip size 
Wrap the tape measure cozily around the widest part of your lower hips. Save that number!
2)  Find your fit 
        Refer to the Panty Measurement Chart and use your measurements to find your superb match!
Panty measurement Chart 
SIZE               XS      S       M       L          XL
PANT SIZE 0 – 2 4 – 6 8 – 10 12 – 14 16 – 18
LOW HIP  35 – 36  37 – 38 39 – 40 41.5 – 43 44.5 – 46.5 (IN INCHES)

Shop Sexy Bikini Panties Online

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