The Girl’s Guide to Smarter Online Bra Shopping

Online bra shopping

Science has figured out side effects on health of wearing a wrong bra., and chances are you’re also wearing wrong size bra. That’s because the right way to online bra shopping isn’t always intuitive.

Do you buy bras that looks lavish and cute? Well Lace, net and padded bras can be seductive to the eyes, but it is very important to pick up the right bra size that properly support your breasts ..

Keep scrolling to check out why it important to wear correct bra ,and what you need to know before online bra shopping.

3 Things Will Happen When You Start Wearing Right bra

Majority of women are not aware that they are wearing the inaccurate size bra, because they have never felt joy of a  fitted bra. The noticeable clue of the bra being the wrong size don’t feel like being the wrong size… they just feel like “annoying ” .

It is extremely Important to wear correct bra size , here are five things that happen when you start wearing right bra for your breasts .

You will feel more comfortable

Good bras are comfortable . This really is more crucial than many women think. The amount of time women waste attempting to make a poorly fitting bra work, and the constant mental drain of handling a badly fitting, troublesome bra is awesome once finding a properly fitting bra is done.

It surly is life changing- No pain, improved posture, No back, neck and headaches.




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Good Bras Will Make Any Outfit Look Gorgeous

Bras that fit well will make any outfit look gorgeous. Getting the right fit bras will lift your breast, create a lovely shape, and can make you feel all-round enjoyable. Just as the right dresses help you look outstanding, the right bra could be the secrete piece to perfecting your outfit.

Good bras can boost health, study finds

When your wear bra that fits perfectly, you don’t get rashes, sore shoulders, poked by the under wires, and it can improve your posture. A true fitting bra is also less likely to be distressing. Boobs support should come from the band around the ribcage, not the shoulder straps. Sadly, majority of bras designed for the opposite , support from the straps. This can cause cut in the shoulders if used for long time. It can also lead to sore back and bad posture. And finally, a good, true fit bra boosts your confidence. It’s not just about boobs size, it is about how you carry yourself to the world. When you can stand up straight with confidance, feel great in your outfit, and not thinking about repeatedly adjusting, shifting, or worrying about spilling from a bra, you are free to focus on other aspects of life that make you feel good about yourself.

Girls’s -It’s time to build a complete bra collection

The best solution for discovering  the correct bra size and design is to build a full bra collection. When you slowly start building your complete bra collection you see your outfit differently and with more confidence. The correct bra has the ability to make any outfit look gorgeous .To ensure celebrity like shape and style an extensive bra collection is required.Which bras most suited to your shape? In this Guide to Smarter Online Bra Shopping we cover on the topic in depth and consult bra fit experts to help us along. Let’s get started



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First – Learn how to size Bra 

It is not only crucial to select pretty dresses, but it also essential to select the correct size bra. The key to selecting a bra doesn’t lie in how cute it is or what colour it comes in. Comfort and fit should be the main benchmark in selecting the same. The key to getting a true fitted bra is to get your measurements 100% right. Avoid taking measurements yourself. It’s better, and simple, to do this with someone’s help, so if you can find someone to help, it would be great, but otherwise, you can make do yourself. Just be sure to stand naturally and totally relaxed.  formula for correct measurement is simple.

1: Measure under the bust

2: Measure at fullest chest

Band size = Measurement 1 (+4″ if even or 5″ if odd) is the band size .

Cup Size = Subtract Band size from measurement 2

0=AA , 1=A , 2=B , 3=C ,4=D ,5=DD/E ,6=EE/F etc…


1: Under breast is 31″

2: Full bust is 39″

Band size = 36 ( 31+5)

Cup size = 39 – (31+5) = 3 = C

Bra size = 36C


online bra shopping on sale snazzywayNow you are ready to try different bra styles

Now you know your correct bra size and ready to try different bra styles. Each bra style lifts and covers differently.Remember that your online bra shopping must be mainly based upon comfort .Not only is it essential to find bras that fit but you also have to make sure that you have the correct bra to fit you in ways that are favorable, sexy, and give you confidence. Here is complete information of the types of bra styles that are available, the outfit they go with, and everything else you need to know in order to build an profound bra collection.

 1.Push up/Maximizer bra –  Push up bras lift the breasts and highlight cleavage through their particular structure and  padding. The padding may come in different forms, such as water sacks or silicone inserts. The goal is to give a fuller, more natural look to boobs of all sizes.Ideal for low-cut dresses or tops .
2- Strapless bra – Strapless bras come with no straps or straps that can be detached. This style is very handy for off shoulder dresses, such as tube tops and halter tops .

3- T-shirt bra – T-shirt bras are made without a heightened seam in order to look invisible when worn under a tight-fitting t-shirt or salwar kamezze.

4- Sports bra – Sports bras are made for active women who engage in light or rigorous physical exercise. They are designed to be comfortable and supportive by holding the breasts in place during activity, therefore reducing damage to soft tissues of the breasts. These bras are usually made of breathable & stretchable fabric to provide a true fit .

5- Full coverage bra- This bra provides total support, as it comes with underwired cups and covers majority of the breasts. It is recommended for all women, and especially for those with heavier breasts.

6-Demi/Half cup bra- A demi cup bra covers only half the breasts, with its cups coming up above the nipples. This bra is suitable to wear with clothes that have plunging necklines. It is supportive, yet provides exposure of the breasts.


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These online bra shopping tips work like a charm…

1- Mood Influences Shopping Decisions.Research discover a consumer in good mood won’t necessarily make the same purchase as a exhausted one.So shop only, when you’re in good mood .

2- Get your accurate size handy

3- Take time to visit few lingerie websites to find out the offers and the rebates. Every online store has different prices and it vary from brand to brand. You have to determine the best products from the lingerie store that you tend to visit.

4- Make sure to analyze the different aspects of the bra. Such as fabric, cost, cups and size chart that that is mentioned online. This can guarantee that you get the best deals and fitting that you need. Never forget to check the product description wherein you can understand the product in a better way.

5- Customer reviews are extremely helpful . Always check customer feedback before you order.

6- Decide which styles you need before online bra shopping . More the choices more is the confusion.

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