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You’ll love Thong just as much as any other panty style

The thong  Panties hit the lingerie market in 1974, when designer Rudi Gernreich introduced his creation to the Lingerie industry. Since that time, this panty styles are becoming a popular choice of women. There are women wearing thongs from all walks of life, in a wide range of age groups and for a number of reasons. Wearing thong panty is definitely one of the sexist things to do. If you have been toying with the idea of trying thong underwear, read on for the best advice. This time, we also list reasons on why thong is a must-have for women and to do thong panties online shopping India.

Why do we need to wear thong Underwear

1- No Panty Lines – A thong is an underwear style that doesn’t completely cover your rear. Instead of a normal back, this panty style has a very narrow V-shape in the back. It starts out wider at the waistline, before narrowing to just a thin strip of fabric – leaving most of your bum exposed , Very useful in preventing “Panty Lines” from coming through in tight dresses.

2-Thongs are extremely sexy – Wearing thong underwear is definitely one of the sexist things to do.    They are not only ultra sexy & comfortable but will really benefit you while on sleep. Thongs are definitely a must if you want to sleep long and comfy.

3-Thongs match up perfectly with bras –  If you are thinking of giving a gift, why not complete the thong with a bra for a luscious and exciting lingerie set.Thongs do team up perfectly with bras that do match them to make and the outcome is a set of extremely nice sexy lingerie. 

4- Thongs make great pairs with nighties – Women’s favourite sexy pair includes lacy nightie with thong underwear. They also entice male partners and a favourite gift during honeymoon.  Make sure you got a pair yourself.

5- Men Like it -women wearing thong – It s a fact so you might as well buy yourself one in order to surprise your man. Since thongs barely covers anything, this makes all the more appealing to husbands.


snazzyway thong panties online shopping

6- Thongs spices up to your love life- When you need little boost in your lovelife, count on some pairs of thongs to get it going for your.

Experience The best thong panties online shopping India.

Snazzyway is the most chosen website for  Luxury thong panties online shopping India. With more than 1200 branded Quality thong panties to choose from, Snazzyway offering biggest choice of thong panties at cheaper rates ( Much Cheaper then other online Stores) and a completely hassle-free experience with options of paying through Debit,credit card or cash on delivery . Some of the top selling thong panties brands on the website are About Hanky panky, No secrete ,  Top Shop, M&S, Feelings. Snazzyway also offers fast & free home delivery for all of our products. we understand importance of fast delivery , most of the deliveries are done in less than Within 3 business days from order confirmation. Get the best deals for thong panties online shopping India, guaranteed.

Biggest Thong Panties collection .

It`s only at the Snazzyway where you will find the modern thong underwear that you dream of. With more then 1500 high quality thongs panties to choose from. Snazzyway offering some of the worlds best thongs styles at an unbelievable price. Since the issue of fabric, colour & style is a personal preference, Snazzyway allows you to choose the fabric that suits you. we stock thongs ranging wide in fabric from cotton , modal, silk to wicking fabrics just to mention but a few.
When colour is a Important, we  assure you that you cannot miss a thong the colour that you desire. The following types of thongs are available at the Snazzyway. Plus size thongs, seamless thongs, lace thongs, mash thongs, sexy thongs, and  G-V-T strings among many others. They are all meant to bring into light the inner most weapon in a woman called the sex appeal. You can be sure of a sexy look and feel.
At Snazzyway, we offer very wonderful and beautiful thong panties only at an affordable price. You don’t have any reason to miss out. Enjoy Sexiest thong panties online shopping India.



thong panties online shopping in India snazzyway

 Things you must know before buying thong panties.

For most women wearing thongs, the main reasons for doing so are comfort and a sexy smooth look on the back end. If this is your reason for wanting to wear thongs, there are some tips you can follow during thong panties online shopping India to ensure that your panties are enjoyable to wear all day:


  • Tip 1: Buy one size larger. Many women swear by this tip: if you purchase one size larger in your thong than you would in regular panties, you don’t feel the need to adjust your strap frequently during the day.
  • Tip 2 : Look several brands and styles.Read product description for different fabrics, fits, waistband styles and brands to get the exact-right fit for you. Eventually, you’ll find the one that is most comfortable for you
  • Tip 3 : Do not feel shy to ask for any query . Snazzyway, offer helpline . If you feel uncomfortable in calling up then leave a message and we’ll sincerely reply on your query.
  • Tip 4 : Get fancy. Every girl deserves something that makes her feel special, so get a thong or two that lifts your personality.

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    i am a male, i love to wear bras and panties. i want to buy some bras for me. i can not decide what size will perfectly fit my body. my upper bust is 93 cm (36 in) and under bust is 85 cm (33.5 in). pl suggest me.

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