Custom Packaging Snazzyway

You can now customize your packages being dropshipped to your buyers. Build your brand & stand out from the competition!Customized your packages with one or all of our available options below
 CUSTOM PROMO FLYER INSERT ( 500 qty @Rs 3000 )
Send a thank you note to your customers while offering them a special promotion to be used towards there next purchase.
We will insert your own custom designed promo flyer in every package we ship for you.
Add your logo, website name, website message, special promo!
First impression is very important!
Your customer will know exactly who the package is from before they open the order,
this option is a wonderful way to make your packaging pop. Perfect way to be unique and build brand awareness.
Add your logo, website name, website message!
Add a personal touch to every single clothing item purchased,
adding your own custom hang tag will raise brand awareness and add unique touch to

Custom packaging Snazzyway Dropshipping


How it works 

  1. PURCHASE ONE OR ALL THREE OPTIONS - links are below
  2. CONTACT YOU FOR YOUR INFO - we will contact you to get your logo, promotional text, personal messege you want to incorporate into the design. 
  3. CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGN - Our design team we will incorporate & personalize you promotional material based on your provided material ( logo, text, promo discount offer, store messege, etc... )
  4. EMAIL YOU FOR APPROVAL - We will email you final design for your approval.
  5. PRINT & STOCK - We will print your promotional material, keep in our warehouse & use for all your future orders! If you want we can ship some of the final printed material to you as well!