Do Indian Muslim women wear sexy Babydoll Nightwear ?


Why would an Indian Muslim woman not be wearing a sexy Babydoll nightwear like anyone else ?Muslin women in India wear the same lingerie as everyone else. They wear and adore lingerie and like to be sexy looking . It is no secret that all men likes and values sexy and beautiful women, and in order to be valued more , women do try and boost their sexiness. As sexiness gets focused on a certain body parts (boobs, butt, legs), ladies who aren’t conventionally pretty, also stand a chance to boost their sexiness by focusing on their ‘assets’. It is true that when women wear sexy lingerie, or transparent baby doll nightwear, they are giving in to their men’s expectations and thus making life better for themselves .Wearing sexy lingerie can makes women more confident, sensual, beautiful, sexy, exciting. But only those who wear this can really know.

10 reason why you too need a sexy babydoll nightwear

You Feel sexy – The great thing about sexy lingerie is that even though it may be only you that knows about its existence, the effect it has on you as a woman is quite powerful.

You feel in charge & Special – When we wear sexy lingerie we feel curvy and confident and what we wear radiate feeling.
You will look gorgeous and receive many appreciative glance.
You change a boring day  in to a little more interesting.  You will just feel hot because you know you look desirable and who doesn’t love to be desired ?
Feeling good and ready to deal with your sexuality properly. You are understanding the importance of feeling sexy & confident , and what it can mean to you life .
 Feeling superior knowing that many of your peers are still allowed to wear anything except boring undergarments.



LOVING the fact that you are mentally mature enough to wear sexy lingerie not to look like those silly young girls trying to showoff. Hum, that was so long ago….
Feeling so so glad to leave boring bra panty set behind and ready to express own fashion sense .
 You will explore your sexuality. This feeling can be great, because you are entering a new phase of life. It’s different and exciting.
Enjoying the beautiful body his very moment and will never be again


About Piya

This post contributed by Piya Rawat, on behalf of Piya is a freelance writer and  lingerie expert. She writes articles to share her tips with other women, to help them feel more confident when selecting clothing.





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