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Why you should be interested in Drop shipping ?

Drop shipping services provides store owners the opportunity to sell and drop ship their goods and services to their numerous clients without actually owning these gods and services. The process involves a store owner selling the product of another online retail store and having those products shipped directly to the customer. This write up will teach you what drop shipping is and why you should be interested in it.

Business owners are very much interested in drop shipping because it doesn’t require them to hold inventory of gods they put up for sale on their online store, hence implying a low startup capital and also affords the store owner ample time to focus on other important aspects of the business like marketing and customer service.

This practice is not entirely new. Drop shipping started in 1999 with a company called Zappos. Since then, Amazon and Sears have also used drop shipping too. In recent times, it has been projected that more than 30% of the entire eCommerce market have adopted drop shipping as their main model for inventory management. And it’s not just about the big names; regular smaller businesses are also enjoying the benefits of drop shipping and are sharing their stories on Reddit.

So what has this got to do with Snazzy way?

The business of Drop shipping has been championed by Indian suppliers and the amount of drop shipping companies in India has been on a steady rise. In the last decade, Indian exports have increased significantly and this trend is due to increased integration of Indian businesses with their western counterparts. So many Indian suppliers now appreciate the opportunities that drop shipping services provide and that is the reason why most people tend to associate drop shipping with Indian products.

Snazzy way drop shipping is the new way to go. Snazzy way makes it easy for store owners to start up their first online business and also helps you improve the efficiency of your online store. There is no doubt that even this has its own challenges, however we will take it from the very start.


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What do we mean by drop shipping and what is Snazzy way?

Individual store owners can register on snazzy way and sell their products to the world. At Snazzy way, you don’t have to hold inventory; it’s simply a marketplace for buying and selling, comparable to eBay. Snazzy way drop shipping procedure is similar to that of other traditional drop shipping companies available online. You simply replicate the product found on Snazzy way to your store, set your own sales price and after selling the product, you simply order back to snazzy way, purchase the same product you just sold and have it delivered directly to your customer.There are numerous advantages associated with Snazzy way drop shipping. However, there is a lot more to drop shipping than just stocking inventory. Snazzy way drop shipping affords you the time and space to focus on other important aspects of your business like; marketing and customer relationship management

How does Snazzy way drop shipping differ from the standard drop shipping?

Snazzy way stocks & dropships top quality women intimates that are in high demand. Our drop shipping model is highly favorable and flexible. With snazzy way, you get to:

  • Control your profit margins because you are not restricted to an already established retail price and so you can choose to sell at whatever price you decide.
  • Also, our drop shipping services has no monthly fee and you can start right away without even contacting the supplier.
  • With snazzy way, you don’t need to have an already existing business before starting your own online store. This might however become necessary when you begin to grow in the business.
  • We have the largest stock of women’s lingerie and underwear products intimate and they are all available to you in an instant.
  • Snazzy way products are highly fashionable and our Indian suppliers research the latest trends.

I’m sure this all sounds good to you and you are probably wondering what the messy part is? Well, I’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked about Snazzy way drop shipping and I will do my best to provide you with a honest and true picture.


Drop shipping Snazzyway

How easy is it to drop ship Snazzy way products?

Drop shipping with snazzy way is incredibly easy and not only that; snazzy way also ensures that all parties to the transaction are happy. The Snazzy way platform gets its own share of the revenue, the suppliers sells his product and the seller earns profits.

 Will the buyers know that I am drop shipping products from Snazzy way?

This can only happen if they find the same products being sold on Snazzy way. There are usually no promotional offers in the packages your buyers receive especially when there is an express instruction to the suppliers not to add them. You can as well arrange some customized packages or free flyers for your customers if you are doing well with your sales.

Why should buyers choose to buy from me when they buy the same product from Snazzy way for a cheaper price?

Maybe it’s because of your better marketing strategies which enabled you to reach the customer first, or maybe you have managed to build a brand for yourself that people can trust, or better still it’s because of the additional value you are offering with the product can cause buyers to choose to buy from you.

It is important not be worried about price competition or product uniqueness in ecommerce. As far as online commerce is concerned, it is most likely that you may never be the least cost provider or that your products are unique. Price is usually not the determining factor in online sales.

Take a critical look at display of similar products on different websites: These different stores are large online businesses; however we need to answer questions like;

  • Do they all have the same prices for similar products? NO

Get started with Snazzyway Drop shipping

  • Have they gone out of business? NO.
  • Why? This is because; in one way or another each of them provide better services to their customers.

With that in mind, you can no longer worry about price competitiveness when starting your own drop shipping business. If you have estimated that it will cost you an additional $15 to drive sales traffic to your store via Facebook marketing, then an additional margin of $22 to the initial Snazzy way is actually justified. As long as your prices are still reasonable, buyers will still patronize your store. With time, you can re-strategize with your pricing, but for first timers in ecommerce sales business be rest assured that you will receive patronage even if your prices are not very competitive.

How can an existing businesses benefit from Snazzy way drop shipping?

When exploring the meaning of drop shipping, it’s always best if you try it out yourself and Snazzy way drop shipping is the ideal model for first-timers.We understand that existing businesses will not alter its fulfillment conditions to adapt to Snazzy way drop shipping, however you should consider it as an option.

Likewise, Snazzy way drop shipping is perfect for running quick tests out new product ideas. You can display the new product category on your website .


It is likely that this write up raise more questions than provide answers about Snazzy way drop shipping. And yes, we agree that it’s not yet perfect. It can really be tough and sometimes complex, so you need to invest time in carrying out careful research and in planning.However, the benefits associated with snazzy way make it the easiest way to start off your online business and snazzy way is really great for sampling new product ideas.




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