Dilemma’s of an Indian Online Entrepreneur

Things I Hate About Drop Shipping Business Snazzyway India
Every business has positive and negative aspects. I wish to open up about the hidden side of mine in this post. I’ll start with what I hate about drop shipping business in this first post, so I can end on a positive note in the next one. Because, after all, I love what I do and I wouldn’t change for anything!

People think it’s not a real business

When I say I’m selling online, people can react in disparate ways. Very often, they’re surprised: they don’t know that it’s possible to make a living as a online seller. Many are stunned, and want to know more.Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the popular question “yes, but what else ? I mean, your real business!”. Yes! Many people think that being a online seller is a unreliable business. For them, it’s only a side business, a pastime, a digital void and more. It’s something that I’ve observed a lot: when your business is based on enthusiasm , it’s easily downgraded and viewed as only a side income opportunity. And nothing annoy me more than that!

Hard works deserves reward, but…

I don’t count my working hours. It’s great to be entrepreneur, but you have to work twice as much for a usually gloomy salary. Below the minimum wage. Can’t afford to be sick, there’s no sick leave. No day off either, in fact. A day when I don’t work is a day when I lose money. I spend hours listing products, doing SEO, answering tons of emails, building my social networks… .

Self-employed = Uncertainty of the future

It’s not only the work pressure that gets me. I sometimes wake up at mid night, sick with fear, wondering how I’m going to get through the rest of the month. What will I do if I get sick? Will I have a decent profit one day? (The answer is: no, I won’t. ;D). There are months when the earning is good, and months when there is no earning AT ALL. Yes. NONE. AT ALL.You have to keep looking for clients, always. You can never really rest.


And there are those who think I do it only to show myself different and intelligent . I’m not going to lie: I love online business, I love selling to a people i have not met, and puts me in the spotlight, through my store. And sometimes, I’m not saying that everything I’m selling is unique, but in any case, my main goal is to showcase what I like, creators, craftspeople with jobs that I consider to be far more incredible than mine.


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