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The New Yorkers - you either love or hate them and when it comes to NYC women , the majority of us are mostly slightly intimidated by them! With their aloof ways and superior attitude, but the truth is that New York isn't the only city filled with seriously stylish women.we celebrate our fashion inspirations from all over the world. Next up? India.

Growing up in Delhi had a clear impact on my personality in many different ways, not least of which was how I engage with lingerie fashion. The capital city is known for having "unequal progress," which means that extreme prosperity and extreme poverty exist together. The richness end of that spectrum meant that I was uncovered to a truly global view of fashion via the expat neighborhood, even before the days of social media. My friends from Finland or Japan or wherever would come back from summer vacations with new dresses from their countries of origin, and we pooled inspiration in a way that broadened all of our style horizons.

On the other hand, the poverty end of the spectrum meant that i'm so committed to ethical fashion. Making buying decisions that ignore the people who are most disadvantaged by the injustices inherent in our current social and economic system is a lot harder when you know those people's faces.Regardless of whether they're rich or poor, one thing that's true of most Indian women is that they value dressing up. Whether they're headed to the market or temple or the morning walk, chic Indian women are unlikely to step out of the house looking like slobs. Read on to get acquainted with latest Indian Intimate Wear Style.

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As a personal shopper, I have come up close and personal with women's panties and lingerie .While Chic Indian women may very often lack in personality, they make up for it with their magical ways. And this advice goes mostly for young girls :  You will never see a chic Indian women in makeup wearing 8 inch stilletto heels. You will never see a chic Indian women sporting the spray tan orange glow. Chic Indian women , no matter their size, will always have matching bra set, and not baby pink granny panties paired with an ill fitting dull colour bra. What a chic Indian women wears under her clothes is nearly more important that her outfit. Lacy, sexy, matching, colourful stuff.


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