ELLE PANACHE 15 Denier Grey Smoke Stockings

ELLE PANACHE 15 Denier Grey Smoke Stockings look glamorous all the way down to your toes . They are soft and sleek and are custom-made for women of color. You’ll get a sensational silky feel with this stockings and a stockings that has just enough stretch for a smooth fit and gentle shaping. Soft, silky, and beautiful – that’s how your legs will look and feel everyday.


Suggestions to Wear ELLE PANACHE 15 Denier Grey Smoke Stockings

  • Made by 100% nylon for perfect fit
  • Available one size for all
  • In some countries, stockings are considered a traditional attire by some women.  In France, for example, we have many customers who buy ranges suitable for everyday wear. Similarly, we find that in England, stockings are frequently considered the hosiery of choice for an evening out
  • With everything in the fashion world going around and around, we have a number of customers who like the vintage look that seamed stockings in particular give them
  • For good looking legs, stockings is must
  • In comparison to hold ups, stockings won’t fall down

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