Luxury Infused Shapewear With Mixed Bra Set

Most shapewear begins to feel uncomfortable after you wear it for a few hours. So we’ve designed this Luxury Infused Shapewear With Mixed Bra Set having medium compression and lightweight fabric. It gives targeted compression at the thighs, waist and love handles and a panel at the back enhances the rear shape and gives a gentle lift. Often shapewear doesn’t feel too comfortable and can even cause chafing but this Luxury Infused Shapewear With Mixed Bra Set is very soft and smooth. The panel at the waist helps to smoothness abdominal fat and the medium compression makes you look one size slimmer by targeting abdomen, thighs, sides and rear. Plus, it also added a cotton gusset for hygiene.


Why to Buy Luxury Infused Shapewear With Mixed Bra Set

  • Instantly look 1 size slimmer with this high waist shapewear
  • The fabric is soft and offers complete comfort without any chafing even after 12 hours
  • The flexible waistband fits securely and prevents visible lines under clothes
  • You can wear it under fitted dresses, skirts, trousers or tunics for a sleeker and slimmer look
  • It is designed with a very lightweight fabric that allows for easy breathability
  • Long leg shaping design and supple fabric make it convenient for all day wear
  • Made up by 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
  • Free shipping all over India
  • Free one more product with every shopping


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