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No Panties wardrobe Is Complete Without These 5 essential Staples

There’s something evidently enjoyable  buying yourself quality panties. Be it a elegant yet comfortable everyday Hipster or a bold Thong you may not ever even wear but love to look at (let’s be real here—we’re all guilty of those online purchases ), it’s good to thrill yourself to a something new, especially if the word new also applies to the price band. Keeping that in mind,  we’ve rounded up the 5 Different Style Essential Panties Subscription gift Box, the most adorable female panties that you can wear with many different dresses. This pack includes five different style Panties. Hipster,Bikini, Boy short, Thong & G string.


Product # 1 – One Elegant Hipster Underwear

Full coverage Panties  are know as Hipster. They are less suffocated ,make your butts look better and feels like a safety net for you ass. Hipster style underwear will work well with most of the  Indian clothes ( Salwar, saree , long skirts etc ) in your wardrobe.


Product # 2 – One Classic Bikini Underwear

Bikini briefs are cuter!!!! bikinis are smaller, tighter and show more. Bikini briefs have a lower waist band and are cut high over the thighs, the string is thinner in the bikini brief exposing more skin. Regular panties are a little higher and go almost to the top of your hip bones and they cover your whole butt and a little more. If you are a jeans lover you must try bikini panties .


Product # 3 – One Luxury Boy short Underwear

Boy shorts are the hottest Underwear Style for women.  They are panties cut like shorts.  They provides more coverage and covers the majority of the buttocks.Boy shorts underwear save women the hassle of many problems they face each and every day, whether it is an embarrassing moment, or a tightly fitting pair of pants, boy shorts are a life saver for women all over the world…and galaxy


Product # 4 – One very sexy Cheeky Thong Underwear

A thong is an underwear style, which does not completely cover your bum or rear. The panty style has very narrow V shape from the back. It starts out wider at the waist line, before narrowing to just a thin strip of fabric leaving more of your bum exposed. Wearing thong saves you from ugly panty lines


Product # 5 – One very sexy G String Thong Underwear

Designed for minimal play, a typical G-string thong has an elastic string that bridges the front part of underwear to the waistband at rear. In a nutshell, it’s a triangular piece of cloth with string.




Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers, Too)

Women’s panties should be pure joy, so we want to make this as easy as possible. If you still have questions contact us .


 How do I pick out the panties?

Snazzyway works like a concierge service. We search the world for the latest designs and the most beautiful women’s panties. You tell us your size and style preference. We then select the correct luxury panties for you. We free you from the responsibility of having to find the best panties.


 Can I choose specific styles, colors ?

Yes. During the checkout process you are asked a series of options. There you can specify exactly what styles you do and do not want to have included. You specify among the following styles: bikini, boyshort, thong, hipster and “see through” .


What panties will I get?

The style of the panties will depend upon what options you selected during checkout. You can choose as many of the following styles as you like: bikini, boyshort, thong, hipster and “mix but no thongs” .

The brands that we feature are different every month. We choose from the best of Splash, secrete possessions, About u, BPC, H&M, Desiney, Maison LejabyMillesia and many, many more.

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