Elegant Cotton Boyshorts ( Pk of 6)

Add essential pieces to a wardrobe with these fun and flirty  Elegant Cotton Boyshorts ( Pk of 6). They are made of soft 100 percent cotton and provide a comfortable stretch. These cotton boyshort panties, 6 pack have an elastic waistband. Designed for every day wear, this underwear hits at the upper thigh and can be worn under pants, shorts, dresses or skirts. They are even comfortable enough for night time wear. Available in a variety of women’s sizes to suit personal needs, these cotton stretch panties provide full coverage. They are offered in 3 different colors and free from any type of print in each pack for ultimate seamless.

More Features Of  Elegant Cotton Boyshorts

  • Pack of 3
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Provide a comfortable stretch
  • Boyshorts
  • Elastic waistband
  • Free from any design and print so, they are completely seamless
  • Designed for everyday wear
  • Can be worn under dresses, pants, shorts and skirts
  • Available in  4XL, XL  sizes
  • 3 different colors  in each pack
  • These cotton boyshort panties are available in black, light pink and creamy colors

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