Warner’s White Chic Lace Detailing Bridal Bikini Bottom

The Warner’s White Chic Lace Detailing Bridal Bikini Bottom is matchless when it comes to looks and comfort, ensuring a quality that you can rely on. The sheer lace at the side and embroidery on the fabric give it a very sexy look that make it fun and flirty. The perfect undies every woman should have in her drawer! Made to have enough stretching ability, the suppleness of its lacy trim adds to the comfort and adds a touch of style that is elegant. The bridal bikini underwear is well suited to be worn under a low waist skirt or jeans for confident coverage. You can wear this under anything, giving you a versatility that you can depend on. It provides a stable fit and does not tend to ride up, regardless of what you wear or how you move, so you can be confident as you walk. The undergarment provides easy breathing for the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.


  • Bikini Style
  • Comfy soft Waistband
  • Poly-amid Stretch fabric
  • Flower embroidery all over
  • Lace detailing at the side
  • Resists riding up
  • Mid-rise brief with moderate coverage
  • Smooth silk-like fabric with lacy details
  • Cotton gusset for your comfort


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