White Lacy transparent Front Bow Bridal Panty


Cause a stir with our sensual range of bridal panties and lingerie. Feel the luxury in a gorgeous pair of White Lacy transparent Front Bow Bridal Panty, perfectly designed to make you look and feel like the goddess you are. Mix it up with something from our collection of brasbralettes and knickers and you’re good to go!


Why White Lacy transparent Front Bow Bridal Panty????


CONFIDENCE The best part of wearing snow white lacy front bow bridal panty is that they’ll make you feel much more confident about your body. It doesn’t matter that no one around you can tell what’s under your jeans, because you know and that’s the important thing. So put on your favorite thong and walk with confidence!

LESS ACNE If you wear basic types of underwear, it can cause friction on your bottom and make you break out. With bridal brief, that won’t happen, so your skin will stay clear down there.

FEEL SEXY Bridal brief aren’t something that little kids wear, so wearing quality thong underwear can make you feel more sexy. It proves that you’re old enough to make your own decisions and wear what you want to wear. It’s a great way to feel like an actual adult.




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