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Dropshipping Success stories | Snazzyway India

Hi, my name is Tavleen,i have been asked to share my dropshipping success story.Here it is . Two years ago i was working full-time in a corporate job that I hated. I was burnt out and exhausted and desperate to quit my job. I needed a change and I wanted to do something of my own, work my own hours and be in charge of my own destiny.

I was searching for a way to quit my job. What business could I start?

I had never even heard of online marketplaces when, in 2017, one of my friend suggested i tried selling online. Amazon seemed like a good place to sell more luxury things. It was winter at the time, so i bought some cheap turtle neck sweaters from Sadar Bazar to sell as a test.Then i bought some panties , bralettes and nightwear, and sold that, and I soon realized that I could make a living out of selling on Amazon.

My next step was to scale so I could quit my job. And I knew Dropshipping was the answer. People seemed to love lingerie, how hard could it be? With Snazzyway, I launched my first full fledged lingerie store on Amazon. My business dream was finally becoming a reality. But quickly my optimism faded. I just wasn’t getting the volume I needed to quit my job.

I began researching and studying everything I could about e-commerce. Digital marketing, copywriting, social media and Facebook ads – there was so much to learn. I was determined to make it work. I began testing different strategies in my Amazon business. But I was learning the hard way with a lot of trial and error. I spent time on the wrong things. And I invested a lot of money in things that just didn’t work.

But FINALLY, sales began to grow.

I can still remember having my first Rs 30,000 profit month. I was so excited – my hours and hours of hard work was beginning to pay off. My store reviews began to grow. YES! I had cracked the code.I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my business grow. My online sales started to hit the Rs 1 lac, then Rs 1.75 lac and then Rs 2 lac+ every month.

Creating dropshipping success story hasn’t been easy. But it is one I am very proud of.

I now sell out of new collections within days. I have thousands of loyal customer buying from me time and time again. And my business now supports me to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. I get to be my own boss every day. And best of all, I enjoy the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.