Indian Lingerie Market Trends 2023

Indian Lingerie Market Trends 2023

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Indian Lingerie Market Trends 2023

While it might be quite clear which Salwar Kameez or Saree are trending this season, when it comes to Bra, the standpoint is a little less clear. Now, the Indian lingerie market is longing for more practical and realistic styles. So do the numbers actually match this apparent move toward a more comfort-focused future? We asked the experts.
"This season, our buyers have responded well to comfort, and we do well with brands such as French Daina, who offer vibrant colors and beautiful fabrications to offer a design that fuses comfort with femininity," explains Isha Suri, marketing head at Snazzyway intimates. "Hushh, Snazzyway and Eva have also been popular for us. lace bralette are our best-selling and briefs outsell thongs. We've also noticed a spike in Babydoll nightwear ."
Fashion insight platform Edited agrees: "In the past few years, the increase in busy lifestyles of Indian women have seen consumers and retailers alike move away from the bust-selling bra styles so popular in the '80s and replaced by Push up bras (the second most-stocked bra style right now) and the softer lines of the triangle bra. Another fascinating  progress in the category is the recent increase in best selling dark shades of women's lace panties. In fact, best selling dark shades were up by 78% in the last three months."
So there you go. Apparently, this year has sounded the end for boring lingerie styles (so long, Hipsters and padded bras). But then again, we're not really sorry that comfort is cool right now.
Keep scrolling to look at (and shop!) The lingerie Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2023 before your friends do.


#1 Lace Bralette

The rising popularity of lace bralette and growing market for stylish, Luxury lingerie in India, all point toward a more Smart, Positive and fashion conscious society. There are many reason why  Indian women are increasingly embracing Lace bralette some of them are
Comfort – lace bras can be the height of comfort. In fact, many bralettes and sleep bras can make you feel as though you're wearing nothing at all. 
Sex appeal – Lace is a simple way to add a touch of sophistication or simply a little spice to your lingerie collection.
Design– Lace's distinctive patterns can be displayed or appear in multi-layered panel designs. There is no need to worry about flashing your nipples when a sudden chill hits.


#2 Bikini

There’s a reason why  Bikini briefs are popular and going to be huge in 2023 . It’s because they’re sexy. They’re tight, and provide the required comfort. Wearing a right bikini briefs to give us the chance to explore the wistful, sexy part of our character, delivering a little romance to our daily experience. We can discover new aspects of ourselves through panties too. Unusual bikini briefs, can reveal hidden facets of our nature and new ideas about us.


Reasons why you too should try bikini 


1. Because you can.

Wear bikinis to feel good about yourself. The confidence of wearing a bikini is sexy, not the body. I strongly believe I think all girls look great in bikinis (even fat girls, it shows confidence).

2. You could inspire others.

Once when I was in college, we (with my friends) went to Goa for a 4 days vacation. I saw many Mumbai girls in bikini enjoying the beach which made me really try on.So we all girls decided to purchase and wear a bikini. After wearing bikini, it really felt a bit strange and uncomfortable at first. But than I noticed, no one cared. I had great fun on the beach . It’s a movement, y’all. Keep inspiring.

3. No one cares. 

Seriously, no one cares. And if they do that is their problem, not yours. When you are at the beach and/or pool you should be having such a great time that you aren’t worried about who should or shouldn’t be in a swimsuit. As with everything else we talk about, quit caring what other people think – this applies to fitness and finance – pretty much life in general.

5. Tomorrow you will be older. Wear a swimsuit while you are young. ?

No matter how young you are, next time you go to the beach and/or pool you will be older. That’s just life. Remember when you thought you were fat in high school and you weren’t? Same thing applies now. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 50 pounds to lose, you likely view yourself bigger than you actually are. Next year you will look back and say, I should have just worn the swimsuit. End that cycle now.


#3 Hipster

There will be more room for fun prints and exotic colors and hipster is the women underwear style going to rule 2016 world over. says Felicity – Fit and trend expert at Intimates world. She explains the advantages of a hipster in details
They feel nice on your butt – No matter what the fabric — cotton, satin, stretch — your butt gets to cosy up next to, it’s infinitely better than harsh and rough denim. Full coverage underwear embrace your tush and make it feel safe.
They’re great for when you have your period –  Hipster panties keep that pad from slipping and promises to catch any “oopsie” accidents that you’re apparently still not too old to have.
There’s more room for fun prints – The increase in covrage area allows for more space for cool designs and patterns. You can say something with lettering on your butt, or simply know what day of the week it is. Briefs open up a whole world of self-asspression.
They are sexy too –   They are sexy to sleep in, Hipster panties seamlessly transfer from day to night. You can spend the whole day in them and you won’t feel like you still have yesterday’s bathroom break on you



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