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3 Stylish Girl’s Panties every fashion Girl Own ( you too)

If you’re fashion conscious Girl , you start each season with a list of styles you want to try on. More often than not, though, it’s the easier-to-relate-to looks that comes their way to the top of your fashion list, pushing equally important lingerie especially panties trends toward the bottom. But believe it or not, season after season, the stylish Girl’s panties trend also changes.

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Boy shorts on every fashion girl’s radar

Lady shorts, boys’ cut,  boy leg panty – its various names is just a validation of how this panty style has become very popular among young Indian women . But have you tried this special panty style? When it comes to buying stylish girl’s panties women always looks for three things: fit, no visible panty lines and softness. sadly, not many panties have these three features at the same time.

Here are some major reason why every fashion girl own boy shorts.

  • A boyshort is cut in a way that it covers all skin of your bum and goes all the way down the hips. This ensure that your panty will stay in place despite heavy mobility.
  • Looks flattering on all body types. Those with big full bun can absolutely wear this style and those who lack on this area will love this panty style for the way it form some added curves.
  • It has elegant, cute and sexy look to them which makes it enjoyable to wear underneath any casual outfit.

stylish Girl’s Panties

  The Panties Colour EVERYONE is talking about

Ladies – Have you ever thought what style or colour of stylish girl’s panties is best to wear under white or light colour outfit? why models wear a underwear that closely matches to their skin tone for castings and whilst on jobs? the reasons are obvious – once any other colour ( Even White) is placed against your skin tone, it creates a big contrast that just flash right through your white or light colour outfit. All daytime panties should be of no visible panty line style as nothing looks bad than being able to see the edge of a panty through your skin tight leggings or flimsy palazzo pants!

Build up a  seamless thong collection and keep away those worst visible panty lines. If you don’t fancy thong, a skin colour seamless boy shorts is a great substitute! So  next time you are in the lingerie store sighing over the sexy lace and silk panties options, just keep in mind that once you have your beige colour collection of versatile panties, you can never have you never any underwear disasters.

Wearing Bold Here’s Why

Most fashion girl’s  put a whole lot of thought into their panties, even though no one is getting in their pants.Many women claim that adorning their lady parts with sexy underwear boosted their confidence and self esteem making them more comfortable in their own skin. Here are three reasons for why every women should always rock the sexy panties.

1- You will feel free!  You will feel sensual ! you will feel dominant ! because secret underneath your clothes that no one else knew about.

2- Feel instant boost in self-confidence !  It is almost like a secret that gives you special powers that no one else had or knew about.

Shop stylish Girl’s Panties & Underwear

3- Wearing bold panties makes a difference in how you feel.

Stop buying stylish girl’s panties solely for the thrill of your mate. Instead, buy bold panties (whether you’re single, in a relationship or happily married) to make an investment in yourself, your spirit and your alliance with your body, just for you.

One Last Thing!

Make sure you buy the correct size Stylish Girl’s Panties that fits your waist, your hips and thigh areas. Also be careful about the materials of your underwear to get total comfort. Cotton panties can be best  while exercising or during the humid season. Cotton lets your skin breathe keeping your vagina dry . Lacy panties add a sexy touch and it works well with evening wears .

3 Stylish Girl’s Panties every fashion Girl Own ( you too)

 This post contributed by Piya Rawat, on behalf of Piya is a freelance writer and  lingerie expert. She writes articles to share her tips with other women, to help them feel more confident when selecting clothing.

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