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Hi! I’m Maanika, a model who loves to model clothes and products...I worked with different international companies. I promoted a number of brands, which you can find on my Instagram profile. I'm a specialist of intercultural communication. I'm a people person. I'm open minded and super easy to communicate with.


My approach to personal style

My style is rather hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you see it. I like looser fits – larger outfits, flowy cuts, nothing skintight, the kind of clothes that are designed to minimise curves and make you look straight up-and-down. I like oversized clothing, loose trousers, capes. Lots of layering. I like my clothes to hang on me.


Snazzyway pieces i recommend ?

Snazzyway makes Bras, Camisole, Panties and nightwear. But the thong panties are the hero pieces, i like Snazzyway pretty lace thongs. The stretchy (not loose) fabric will feel like heaven on your bootay.


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