The 10 Best Boy Shorts for Thong Haters Indian Women

The 10 Best Boy Shorts for Thong Haters Indian Women

Despite my love for tight fitting leggings and pants, I've never gotten along with thongs panties. Believe me—I've tried. Personally speaking, when first time i wore a thong in May, 2018, the thong felt a little very uncomfortable because I was not used to the feeling of the string being crammed up my butt. However, i personally like the way thong underwear feel on my frontal region .

Until I discovered boy shorts, that is. I feel gorgeous in these .They gives a lovely camel toe and a lot of support. Boy shorts underwear are less likely to ride up while working out, which leads to a much more comfortable experience. They are also ideal to sleep in paired with a tee or camisole top, and come in every fabric from cotton to satin. i mostly wear regular maximum coverage sometimes butt exposing Brazilian cut and everything in-between. You can choose a correct boyshort panties based on your personal preferences… Colour?…Style?…Fabric?  Also consider your audience and attitude. if you choose to wear our picks from The 10 Best Boy Shorts for Thong Haters Indian Women, you'll look classy and sexy-just as you should
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