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Under wire bras are meant to support your breasts, and possibly make them look “perky” when you get older, breasts tend to sag and some women do not like the way the breasts look..What the underwire does is hold up your boobs so that they do not sag. A perfect fitting underwired bra is so amazing you’ll look and feel like you’ve had a makeover! You can put “the girls” back where they belong with inner side support and extra lift.Know all about underwired before you buy underwired bra online

Know All About Underwired Bras

We get many questions and concerns from my customers who want to know about underwires. So, we have devised a list of FAQs that I think will be helpful to everyone.

1. What is an underwire?
An underwire is the rounded metal wire that outlines the bottom of the breasts, and is used to create comfort. Underwire is NOT the same as wire boning. Wire boning is other pieces of metal or plastic wire that run vertically either on the sides or throughout the abdomen area of an undergarment.

2. What does underwire do?
Underwire provides a rounded shaping of the breast, and is used in most styles of bras or undergarments. The underwire DOES NOT provide the only support in a bra.

3. If I try a non-underwire, I will have absolutely no support. Is this true?

No. The support in a bra comes from the elastic and material it is made from. This is why your old bras do not support you the way they did when you bought them.

4. My bra size is too big, I can’t wear a non-underwire! Right?

Wrong. Actually, the bigger sizes can find a better fit without an underwire. As can smaller sizes.

Do you Really Need an Underwire Bra?

The best way to find out if you need an underwire bra is to try going without one.Try some wireless styles with  favourite tops, so you can see how the bras look underneath. Are you happy with the way they make your breasts look? Do they give enough support when you move around? If so, then you’re all set.If not,Talk to snazzyway Bra fitting Expert about bras designed to hold up your boobs so that they do not sag.

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Correct underwired bras For You!

Throughout this document, we have provided links to the best sellers in each category. This way you will know what other women are buying.

If we can provide further sizing assistance, please contact us through the website. We appreciate your feedback. If there are tips that would benefit others, we hope you will share them with us. Customer service at Snazzyway is always discreet and respectful. We trust that you too will respect our staff and their assistance.Below is a selection of underwired bras that you may like to consider


customer feedback – I have been searching a perfect Underwired bra online to replace the unavailable sweet nothings bras and this is it. I tried the first one and ended up getting all available colors. It has just the right amount of padding and great support while true to size.

Customer feedback –  I was so excited when I saw this bra. It is beautifully designed and the material is soft & lovely. . I like the light padding & the uplifting underwire. You can’t tell that it has underwire with the soft padding. I plan to buy two or three more underwired bra online from Snazzyway The price seems great and the quality seems to be very good. The straps adjusting in the front is a great idea. You don’t have to remove it to fix it. Love that!

Customer Feedback – Fit very nice, material comfortable and washed well. Wanted to purchase more underwired bra online from your store, especially in a nude color, but seems no more 38As.

Customer Feedback – I really love this bra. Fits great, perfect under tight tees and knits and breathes. Perfect support that allows for some bounce. I love them. I am going to buy one more underwired bra online from your store.

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  1. Anamika says:

    Best Price..Wonderful fit especially for heavy busted women. Amazing support straps and broad side panels. Comfortable material. Thanks Snazzyway

  2. Nikita says:

    This underwired bra has a great fit as it felt like i was not wearing it as it fitted so perfectly, this is one of the best bras i have found that fit me correctly due to my bust size as most others when i get the size that i need in a bra do not seem to fit as well as this product does it feels so natural i would not be without it

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