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Launch your own profitable Shopify Dropshipping store with Snazzyway


Launch your own profitable online store this week in less than an hour with #1 Shopify dropshipping supplier Snazzyway. Have thousands of hot selling products to offer your target market. All the images, product descriptions, prices, variations, etc are set up for you.Not only that, but when your buyer makes a purchase, you collect the payment and Snazzyway handles the fulfillment.That’s a very  simplified version of what dropshipping in India .

Dropship with #1 Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers in India

Snazzyway is a manufacturer , wholesaler of women clothes and apparel ,lingerie in India with a specific concentration on fulfillment services. We are an established wholesale dropshipping supplier in India with over 7 years of experience, providing carefully selected exclusive ranges of beautiful lingerie and women’s clothing. Many of our ranges, e.g. Bra, Club wear, panties and women’s clothes are aimed at over 60 million women in India who are now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life. Our goal is for our re sellers to be able to make a full time earning selling products online.Currently we are providing services to over 4500 online shops, which only in India sell for over 6 BN INR , Sending over 1.5 Lakh parcels  monthly.  That’s more than any other dropshipping company in India!


Benefits of the Snazzyway API integration for Shopify Merchants

Full Integration

The Snazzyway Exporter securely connects to your Shopify shop – it means that all migration are done through secure and private channels, that both Platforms can understand.

No Messy CSV Files

A Full integration also means that you don’t need to download and edit messy CSV files, everything is done from  dashboard in our site!


Shopify Collections are as important as WooCommerce’s Categories – Snazzyway Exporter will help you to sort our WooCommerce Categories into Collections and auto-populate the products.


WooCommerce’s Metadata does not match Shopify’s. Shopify does not have Categories, while WooCommerce misses Type and Collection – Snazzyway Exporter will help you auto-organize all this metadata mess!


What about if we Change the price of our product? Its Images? Worry not, the Snazzyway Importer will automatically update your Shopify products with only what’s changed.

Shopify dropshipping Snazzyway India

How to Create a Private App and get your Key and Secret?

Step 1. Go to Create Private App page
In your Shopify admin: Click on Apps (in the sidebar) -> Manage private apps (bottom of page) -> Create a new private app (blue button in the top right)
Step 2. Fill the form
  1. Private app name:Give the app a name you will recognize, something like ‘WooCommerce Importer’ is better than ‘My New App’ since you will be able to recognize what it does in the future.
  2. Contact email:Type your real email.
Step 3. Give the needed Credentials
The Exporter needs credentials to create orders, customers and products, create inventory (assign stock numbers) and read your locations (to be able to assign stock numbers to locations).
  1. Customer details and customer groups :Read and Write
  2. Inventory:Read and Write
  3. Locations:Read access
  4. Orders, transactions and fulfillments:Read and Write
  5. Products, variants and collections:Read and Write
  6. Store content like articles, blogs, comments, pages, and redirects:Read and Write
The rest of the Permissions can be set as ‘No Access’. The Exporter will not use any of this.
Step 4. Untick ‘Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API’ and click ‘Save’.
Step 5. App Created! Copy and Paste the ‘API key’ and ‘Password’ in the form above.

Shopify dropshipping India Snazzyway

We transfer Snazzyway products to your Shopify store

When your Shopify account is configured, we proceed to transferring the  Snazzyway products to your Shopify store.API automatically import all necessary attributes
  • Product Title: Name of the product .
  • Sku: Stock keeping unit of the product 
  • Cost: Price of the product on Snazzyway
  • Product Images : Import all product Images
  • Product Variations : Import all product variations
  • Stock Quantity : Import  stock quantities
  • Product Description  : Import detailed product description