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With over a decade of Shopify dropshipping experience, we’re no stranger to this technology. Through designing, developing, and optimizing Shopify stores, we do the retailers we work with justice.
Our team of expert designers specializes in developing rich front-end designs that attract attention and help users find what they are looking for quickly.


If you are just starting out, don't know where or how to begin or don't want to spend too much money starting your business, our turnkey starter website is perfect for you. Snazzyway experts will design & program a website on the Shopify platform for you, preloaded with our bestseller items, to help you hit the ground running with your new online lingerie business! You will be in business with your very own online store in just a few days.

So What Snazzyway Experts Will Do For You?

Design and setup theme of your website
Setup unique About us page !
Setup  Contact  us page !
Setup  Shipping  info page !
Setup Returns  info page !
Setup Stunning Homepage Slider.
Setup homepage graphics with top selling collections!
Setup Featured products banners!
Setup restocked banner /Welcome Message
Listing 1ooo Snazzyway Bestseller products 
Setting up maximum 6 main collections 
Setting up maximum 10 sub collections 

How long will it take to build the store?

Your website will be ready within 7 -10 business days from the day you place your order.

Can I add my own items to the website?

Yes you can add your own items to the website, you don't have to have just our items! You can pick & choose whatever items you want to sell on the website.

Can I change the banners on the homepage?

Yes you can definably edit the banners and add your own text and prices. We provide marketing materials you can download every week. We will provide you with VIDEO instructions on how to update the banners on your homepage.

Can I change the prices?

- Yes you can change the prices anytime you want to whatever you want to sell them for.

Can I transfer or add my own domain name?

- Yes instead of your store as you can change it to < this is a very simple process you can complete from your store.

How many revisions do we get ?

- You will have total of 3 revisions .
Important Note - We do not offer any theme customization or any coding related services like Setting up a size chart specific to a vendor or product type .


1 -When an order is placed , the buyer is required to submit the requested information to start the order. If  buyer does not submit requested information within a week , order will be automatically canceled
2 - After receiving requested information order is marked In Progress and you will see all progress updates  in your email
3- When an order is marked as Delivered, you will see delivery message to review. If the delivery is incomplete, or you need changes to be done, you can request revisions.
4- Orders will be marked as complete 3 days after the order is delivered if the buyer doesn't request revisions
5-When an order is In Revision it means the buyer requires to revise the delivery to fit the requirements sent

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