Made to Order Lingerie

Life isn't one-dimensional. Your brand shouldn't be either.

With our made to order  Production Package , you can create unforgettable moments and engaging experiences for your audience. From conceptualization to manufacturing in large quantities, we offer the assistance that small and medium-sized businesses require.

How Snazzyway made to order Production works ?

Products are manufactured with YUKI machinery, employing contemporary methods of tailoring and detailing, and meeting all applicable certification requirements and hygiene standards.

Share your design

Do you already have an idea of how your lingerie collection should look? What materials should be used to make the lingerie? You can decide it all yourself. We produce a mockup based on your preferences.

Receive a sample

We create a sample of your lingerie based on your specifications and preferences. We will begin production only after you are entirely satisfied with the design.

Start production.

After you approve your custom sample, we integrate your design into our factory's manufacturing process for mass production. We ensure everything is executed as planned and production runs well.

Assurance of Quality

We do a thorough quality check of your manufactured products.We guarantee that the wholesale lingerie we produce to your specifications will be something of which you will be proud.

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 Low MOQ & Fast Reorder

Minimum order quantity is as low as 1000 units. Reorder lead times are only 7 business days because to our modular manufacturing process.


Quick Shipping & Stocked by Snazzyway

Take advantage of our quick shipment time of 2-10 business days to your warehouse. Don't have any storage space available? It's not a problem. You have the option of storing your inventory at the Snazzzyway warehouse, and we will dropship your products directly to your consumers on your behalf.


Use Snazzyway to Drive More Revenue

Trying to find a wider audience for your creations? If you want to boost your sales, listing them on Snazzyway will provide you access to our network of hundreds of businesses.



Q- What is Snazzyway Made to Order?

Bring Your Design Ideas to Life with Snazzyway's Made-to-Order Service: Snazzyway makes it easy to customize and manufacture your ideal lingerie styles with minimal MOQ and agile production. Just tell us your design ideas, and we'll do the rest. Ideal for fashion companies who want to make bespoke collections without mass production.


Q- What are the Made to Order production and shipment times?

Snazzyway acts quickly after receiving your approval on your design and sample. Our production lead time is astonishingly short, ranging from 7 to 10 business days. Furthermore, for foreign orders, your made-to-order products will be dispatched within 5 to 10 business days.


Q- How many pieces are required to begin with Made to Order?

Snazzyway has a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to make your made-to-order endeavor affordable and manageable. Begin with as few as 200 pieces and effortlessly transform your design vision into reality. Begin Your Made-to-Order Journey with Snazzyway's Versatile Options!


Q- Do you send me a sample before putting my design into production?

Absolutely! Snazzyway's Made to Order procedure includes a sample before finishing. We prioritize your confidence in your design , and we will provide you a sample for approval before beginning full-scale manufacturing. This allows you to physically touch, feel, and analyze the quality and design, ensuring that it precisely corresponds with your vision.


Q- Who owns the design's rights?

You retain all intellectual property rights to your original designs. If you opt to list your products on Snazzyway, Snazzyway will only have distribution rights through our exclusive channels. 
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