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ABOUT US Snazzyway India

We’ve been thoughtful about changing the way Indian Women shop Lingerie since 2014, when Snazzyway was little more than a dream .We believe that buying quality lingerie shouldn’t be limited by time and space – it shouldn’t depend on the length of your lunch break or the distance to your closest mall. We’ve set out to change that.

Now with an expanding talented team and over a hundred top Brands, from high street favorites to local boutiques, Snazzyway is your one stop shop that brings the high street to you when and where you need it We’re making lingerie shopping fun again, You’re welcome.

We were founded by Nimita Sanwal with unique vision and dedication to make online lingerie shopping simple and cool as a breeze.The way we look at our work is unlike any other lingerie specialist store. The difference? We focus on Indian Women and what we can do to provide most fashionable and glamorous women’s lingerie at a low cost in Snazzyway.

Rooted in a deep love for lingerie, our company is on a mission to change the way Indian women shop Lingerie . By offering huge selection of Bras, Panties, Nightwear and Energy-inspired apparel, designed and made from the highest quality fabrics all at best bargain. we know we can!

At Snazzyway, we are on a remarkable mission to encourage Indian women to celebrate and enjoy this time as they are, Regardless their size, age, passion, religion, or even budget. We support Indian women through each stage of their life to become positive and extraordinary.Anything is possible with the right amount of passion and confidence. Go make it happen.

We are responsive, reliable and real. We are Snazzyway
Celebrate Indianness.
Unleash Your Feminine power to spread Happiness around you.
Be Positive – Love your Body 
Be Bold – Show off your naughty side
Every Women Deserves a Good Bra
We all know that it’s difficult to find a good bra that fits. Every woman has a different breasts shape, size, style and taste- and to get that right bra you need to get all these things just right… And if that wasn’t enough to have to deal with, different brands use different sizes!Finding the perfect bra can be painful and time exhausting. If you’re like us, and just want a store where all the bras on display are laid out just for you, (so your size, shape, style and taste) then Snazzyway is the place for you. Bra shopping made simple, and fun!
Grow with us
Here at Snazzyway we are always excited to work and collaborate with various creative online sellers around the world. If you are a Website Owner, Re seller, flipkart or Amazon Seller, and would like to use our dropshipping India service,  please send us the details to dropship@snazzyway.com