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2019 Panties trends are all about comfort with sexiness, with everything from organic cotton hipster to silk string and tanga thongs causing a rapid increase in sales. If you grew up in the small Indian town, chances are very high that your first experience shopping lingerie was in a local store, where the salesmen talked about their latest styles and analysed your figure . Happy to say that’s not the way we shop for lingerie in 2019.

Not only do some of the coolest online lingerie sites in India today work with models who speak for diverse backgrounds, body types, and age groups, but sexiness is not the only preference. In fact, it’s the lingerie sites making us feel cozy, bold, fearless, unique, and seen that ultimately get our attention. And the best place for scoping them out is on social media.

Ahead, take a deep look at a few of the panties colours and styles that are trending on Instagram—On the high street,Snazzyway have created popular tanga tong for under Rs299/-. If you are happy to spend a little more, however, Snazzyway has launched silk and lace mix hipster panties that isn't like anything currently available elsewhere, and lacy floral print cheeky shorts is one of the most feel-good panties I've seen so far this year. Neon colours are proving really popular this year across all price points and colourful printed panties that any '80s kid probably wore under the age of 10 appearing again and again. Keep scrolling to shop the 21 trending panties that are gaining the most likes and shares on Instagram this year.


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