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Hello there! My name is Yami. I’d just like to say a big thank you for visiting my page! I'm passionate about looking chic and getting the most out of what you have, whether it's style or traveling. I hope you stay awhile and get inspired!I sell a range of items such as my used corset, worn bra, high end fashion tops , and lots of other items……….. I am willing to work with you to offer exactly what you want, so please don't hesitate to message me requests to see if we can work something out. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!

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  1. pun89 says:

    This is a super seller with a lovely products and delivery second to none. Her bras are amazing. I ‘ll be back for more

  2. Rupali96 says:

    Best used garment seller in the India – the service is top notch, very personalized, quick and responsive.

  3. Happy454 says:

    I received the clothing and other stuff today I could not wait to open them when I did I was so excited it was exactly what I expected thank you very much I will definitely be ordering more items from you in the future again thank you so very very much!

  4. Megha says:

    How to buy?

  5. Coolmanp1992 says:

    I love my pre-owned garments! Thanks “

  6. Jassi76 says:

    very fast delivery. !!!!! Highly recommended. I’ll be back for more!!;)

  7. PantyLover says:


    Very glad to know that we Indians (males) have an option to buy good quality used Lingerie’s stuff!
    I love to order it in near future….

    Wearing Panty daily (regularly) and Bras during weekends (occasionally) for loVE and fUn…

  8. Nabilnaab says:

    I need 3 unwashed smelly panties please send payment link baby

  9. Nabilnaab says:

    It’s my mail id
    Pls send payment link for 3 used unwashed panties

  10. Nisha says:

    How to get this?! i wanna buy your dirty panties girl!

  11. AsitKanhar says:

    Please Bring Some New Used Panties

  12. Nabilnaab says:

    Hai dear I need used panties and some more items can you help me it’s my email id

  13. Nabilnaab says:

    This time I need more from you dear

  14. Nabilnaab says:

    Yamii help me to buy my favourite things

  15. Nabilnaab says:

    Helloooo you can hear me please reply

  16. Nabilnaab says:

    Can you help me to buy??
    I need some more products from you….. Help me please

  17. Nabilnaab says:

    Why don’t care about my order? 🙁

  18. Nabilnaab says:

    Please help me to buy 🙁

  19. Nabilnaab says:

    Please reply my mail I have one doubt

  20. Nabilnaab says:

    Hun… Still not ship my order? Why?

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