How To Avoid Unwanted Panty Lines?

How To Avoid Unwanted Panty Lines Snazzyway Blog


How embarrassing moment then you feel your panty lines are noticeable through your garments. Every woman who’s ever worn tight skirt, dress, or even jeans knows this without a doubt. Panty lines are the most irritating thing in all of dressing. These panty line will be ruined your perfect clothing. Every woman wants to avoid these lines; it’s not too difficult to do. Here are the answers of How To Avoid Unwanted Panty Lines:


Tips To Avoid Unwanted Panty Lines

1.  Purchase Seamless Panties

There are stores and shopping sites that offer seamless panties, you never have to face any underwear lines through your pants or dresses. If you’re not interested in plain, seamless underwear, you can also try buying something like boyshorts, because it won’t make panty lines that are as noticeable as the lines cotton clothing makes.

2. Don’t Wear Dark Underwear With Light Outfit

That is obvious that you have every color of clothing. So, you should make sure to match your panty to your bottoms. You would not prefer to wear dark clothing when you have a white skirt on, because the darkness will show through and make visible panty lines.

3. Wear A Thong

Thong may feel uncomfortable at to start with, but after you wear them a couple times, you’ll get used to and don’t even feel the notice. G- String thongs will completely hide undies lines. G-strings are truly not as awful as and they are not very tight.

4. Wear Thicker Fabric Clothes

To minimize the risk of panty line, don’t purchase super thin clothes. If the garments you need to purchase are sufficiently thick, simply check the mirror. Prints can some of the time be a successful method to cover visible line.


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