Flirty Red Extreme Micro Bikini set

Enchantingly express your erotic side and showcase your seductive spirit with this delicately delicious micro bikini, the most sexiest bikini revealing all leaving little to the imagination. This sexy swimwear is great if you are in search of sexy swimwear for women that shows of all the curves your body has to offer.

Snazzyway  presents the most sexiest bikini which is certainly a must have exotic and teasing bikini to add to your sexy swimwear collection. This micro bikini is designed as a slingshot bikini / thong bikini. This slingshot bikini style is a well designed string bikini that is truly alluring. Ideal for Nude beach / nudist beach / nudest beach and skinny dipping adventures.

Flirty Red Micro Bikini set

Flirty Red Micro Bikini set

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