Gerbe Luxurious & Plushy Dark Black Tights

Add easy style to your intimate wardrobe with Gerbe Luxurious & Plushy Dark Black Tights. They are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. They offer lots of coverage, which can add a professional look to your ensemble, making hem suitable for office environments. This Gerbe Luxurious & Plushy Dark Black Tights, feature an opaque leg to ensure uniform color from the toe up and to help prevent the color from fading at the knees. They offer silky leg coverage to keep you looking stylish throughout your day. The black color complements many different wardrobe choices.


Important Features

  • Made by polyamide, elastane & Soie(silk)
  • Silky soft opaque tights
  • Suitable for office eviorments
  • Stretches to fit for more comfort
  • Black color goes with almost everything
  • Feel awesome and confident to wear

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