Native Women’s Transparent Strap Bra Pk Of 2

Uplift your mood on the go with these Native Women’s Transparent Strap Bra Pk Of 2 that promises to get you high on style and glam result. Lending you a sensuous and sexy look, these wire free cotton bra is stretchable and enjoyable to wear all day long. Provide wide Lift and support to your bust with this inner wear. Due to its transparent straps, it can be worn under any clothing.



Why Transparent Strap Bra(Pk Of 2)???

  • No itchy tags and a soft band for comfort
  • Soft organic cotton Fabric
  • Fits well to your shape
  • Comfortable can be used for prolonged periods of time
  • Provide proper support
  • Make you feel much more confident about your body


Additional information

Bra Size

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