Sizzlacious High Control Beige Tummy Tucker

This Sizzlacious High Control Beige Tummy Tucker to bring you a versatile and powerful control shape wear. The thermal abdominal area raises your body heat increasing perspiration in the area to help you sweat those extra inches off and eliminate toxins, while the cotton lining allows you to stay dry and fresh all day. It firmly controls and shapes your abdomen, waist and back. The boyshort cut gives your booty a lift and is made with open elastics that wont hurt or mark your skin. A common problem with a lot of shape wear is that its lines are visible under fitted outfits. So, this Sizzlacious High Control Beige Tummy Tucker with a laser cut hem that ensures it is invisible under clothes & the silicone edge prevents it from riding up.


Why Sizzlacious High Control Beige Tummy Tucker Is  So Important?

  • Made up by 80% cotton, 20% spandex
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfy and can wear whole day long
  • Silicon wired helps to burn fat
  • Awesome breathable fabric
  • Tag less avoid itching problems
  • Instantly look 1 size slimmer with this high waist shaping brief
  • Flexible and seamless waistband fits securely and prevents visible lines under clothes
  • You can wear it under fitted dresses, skirts, kurtas or tunics for a sleeker and slimmer look

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