Women’s Ultra Sexy Brief Underwear For Men

If you are men who likes to wear women’s panties,You’ll love Women’s Ultra Sexy Brief Underwear For Men. It’s the divine combination of comfort and sexiness.Express your feminine side with carefully selected women Panties collection,especially for men.You choose what you like, what you don’t care for, and what you may be willing to try. Once you’ve made your preferences, our stylists will handpick 4 pieces of world’s best girl’s panties that perfectly fit your preferences and body.


 Love Box  Helping You Be Your Feminine Best

Since 2014, Love Box offering high street intimate wear  to  men who likes to wear women’s panties. Starting out as a lingerie store , our customers requested feminine inner-wear and accessories to fit a man’s body. Out of necessity, we began by designing our panties Love box for men, and then moving on to Bras, and pantyhose in men’s sizes.Our selection are hand-picked and  manufactured using materials that are comfortable and stretchy, keeping in mind the shape of our customers.


 5,000 Customers from 32 countries and Counting

Love box is our best selling dropshipping product in India. Earlier this year Love box passed the 5,000-customer mark. , It’s a real shame that we didn’t notice until after some time had passed, as we could have done something to recognize lucky customer #5,000. But, truth be told, by the time we realized our customer tally we were well on our way to our next milestone.


 The 4 women’s panties you can use Every Single Day

For the month of August,  presenting our Advanced women’s panties for men package, which is a tribute to our readers’ love of women’s panties and the way they use panties to express themselves, to embrace their feminine side, and to self-soothe.


Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers, Too)

Women’s panties should be pure joy, so we want to make this as easy as possible. If you still have questions contact us .



 Can I choose specific styles, colors ?

Yes. During the checkout process you are asked a series of options. There you can specify exactly what styles you do and do not want to have included. You specify among the following styles: bikini, boyshort, thong, hipster and “see through” .


What panties will I get?

The style of the panties will depend upon what options you selected during checkout. You can choose as many of the following styles as you like: bikini, boyshort, thong, hipster and “mix but no thongs” .

The brands that we feature are different every month. We choose from the best of Splash, secrete possessions, About u, BPC, H&M, Desiney, Maison LejabyMillesia and many, many more.

Additional information

Brief Size

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Panty Style

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