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Snazzyway Review - Detecting fake review

Decoding completely fake Snazzyway reviews posted by competitors

Fake Snazzyway reviews by our competitors are unwarranted and do a disservice to consumers who want to learn from other consumers real experiences .
Snazzyway strive to operate a business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics, integrity and fairness. It appears that not all our competitors are inspired by the same values. That's why rather than focusing on improving their drop shipping service and value – chose to pay a troll to post fake“reviews” on numerous internet platforms to harm our business .  Here we decode some completely fake reviews posted by competitors 

Are we really taking that much business away from them?

Poonam Tiwari (CRM) Answered
Okey , That's funny 
No 1- What's your real name ? , you left  a 5-star review to our brand new competitor within 20 minutes of leaving the bad review for us ! How much did you get paid ?
No 2 - You also forgot to change your username , and obviously you are from that Digital marketing company in Bengaluru who is trying to defame us by posting Fake“reviews” on numerous internet platforms. .
No 3 - Faking good comments for yourself and defame not gonna change the fact . This is so RIDICULOUS TACKY of you 
No 4 - Anyone can check your name in Fraud companies list 
No 5 - Legal Notice for Defamation has been sent
No 6 - Posting screen shot so everyone become  aware of you 

Is this really worth sacrificing your integrity for?

Deepali Sah (Warehouse Incharge) Answered
Something seemed very wrong about this Snazzyway review so i consulted with  my warehouse team, checked cameras in an attempt to corroborate your story . We discovered that your review is a complete fabrication. In other words, the whole thing is lie .
We want everyone to feel totally confident when considering Snazzyway products for reselling  . That’s why we offer the possibility to order a sample and that too on 50% discounted rates. In your case this is what actually happened according to the sales record 
9-12-2021- COD Order placed for Bra Samples (order # 74324)
11-12-2021 - Order Shipped
16-12-2021 - Order Delivered 
18-12-2021- Return request placed 
19-12-2021  - Return request approved 
On receiving the product back we saw that you had sent a used torn T-shirt back instead of  4 Bras. Our Support executive Manpreet shared video evidences with you and  called to  enquire but you flatly refused to accept. Next day you again called Manpreet and threatened her to leave negative review if we do not fulfil your "out of contractual obligation" demands. 





We are reporting this review and will be adding a link so everyone can see your return parcel video footage and blackmailing emails .
We strive to operate our business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics, integrity and fairness, It appears that you are not inspired by the same values
Your Snazzyway review, however, is a total lie and you should be ashamed of yourself, if for no other reason than the example you are setting for your children 



4 Responses so far.

  1. Shiv Kumar says:

    Common practice in India, companies would hire students or agencies who would either give you positive or your competitor negative reviews/ratings.

  2. Ved Prakash says:

    Mouthshut is a totally fake company they are doing fraud with big companies. Recently they Done with which is ethnic wear brand. They wrote bad reviews about kreeva and now they are asking 8lakhs to delete reviews. When the company rejected their offer they started this again.

  3. Naina says:

    I run a company. Lots of reviews (written in their poor English) are completely fake, defamatory in nature or by users who simply don’t exist (we would know if this is a specific client based on the content of their “review”). This kind of website / set-up is completely unfounded / a junky business model, because you cannot claim a business or even respond, unless you pay these guys (2 lakhs plus). Zero integrity because the negative “reviews” are written by randos who are paid to write them. A well planned extortion scheme.

  4. Deepak Manchanda says:

    Mouthshut is really a pathetic company where they blackmail business and take the payments! Our business has suffered a lot because of their rude management team. Also, they don’t even care about others all they want is the payment! I was also shocked while I read the review of this company on other platforms!

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