Can men wear women’s panties

men wear women's panties Snazzyway

Absolutely! More men wear women’s panties than you can imagine! It’s simply a choice – Many men wear women’s panties because they are super soft and do everything to make them feel sexy.Ever men has a feminine side to their self and this can be expressed and experienced when they wear women’s panties.Most men who wear panties consider their case as a problem. They keep it very, very confidential. They try to place some limits on it.Other men who wear women’s panties might not see any problem with their situation. They prefer to explore and enjoy their feminine side. However it is extremely important  choose women’s panties designed in patterns and sizes suitable for guys.

Top 10 Reason Why Men Wear Women’s Panties ?

1- A men who wear women’s panties is a normal healthy human with one little kink in his brain. His brain releases neurotransmitters, dopamine and others, and these neurotransmitters produce sensations of well-being, pleasure, sexual gratification and self-identity. It affects the reward centers of his brain, so it mimics the addiction response. He may feel as if he NEEDS to wear women’s panties.

2- The female side is much more sexy and elegant than the male form and to feel that and look at oneself in that form is an absolutely crazy feeling.

3-Everything associated with ladies panties is just too good. Thongs, seductive G string, bikini, many options and unlimited pleasure. 

4- Women’s panties feels great on skin 

5-Men just want to spend a little time imagining being a girl

6- It is a fetish

7- just the thought of wearing women’s panties can really arouse many men.

8- It’s just a fantasy of being an object of desire.

9-Women’s panties make men feel pretty and special.

10- Putting on bra and panties for some men changes their mood and make them feel excited.

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  1. I’m a guy like wearing ladies panties for many years now. It feels comfortable and soft against my skin. Don’t care what any one else say. Its none of their business!

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