Do women in India wear thongs panties?


Every woman, Indian or American or British or Australian, buying what they find sexy and comfortable. But if you’re talking about specific style of panty (Thong), they might not be so popular among small town Indian women but urban cities girl’s and women are increasingly embracing Thong panties.Thong panties are extremely comfortable to me. It’s the only panty I don’t even notice I’m wearing.Organic Cotton thongs with a not-too-narrow but not-too-wide thong part are the best. I wear them for office, yoga, everything. I find them more sexy than boy shorts or bikini. I have been wearing only thongs happily for 10 years.There are many benefits of wearing thong…Keep reading to find out 4 Reasons Why You too need a thong panty

Visible Panty Line

1. Visible panty lines are literally remove

Full-butt coverage underwear leaves panty lines under pretty much everything, and even jeans threaten panty lines. When you wear thong all visible panty lines are literally removed.

2. Thongs are Most comfortable piece of underwear.

If your work requires you to sit for a long time, the hard seams of normal underwear under your butt can become a literal pain in the ass. Wearing thong saves you from those little red impressions on butt from sitting on regular panties all day.

3. Your clothes look much better with a thong on underneath

When you wear full-bum panty under jeans or other tight bottom, friction causes the panty fabric shift and bunch uncomfortably. Not so with the thongs! Thongs tend to stay in place.

4. Thong will keep you cool from getting overheated in summer days

4. Thong will keep you cool from getting overheated in summer days

During hot and humid season when you start to sweat, having  a pair of panty rubbing you in an hard way is the worst thing ever. A soft, well-fitting organic cotton thong can spare you a world of but cheek soreness.

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  1. Maddur says:

    Hi piya, I have a question. As I see thong panty Is really sexy and comfortable to wear. Can we boys also wear thong panty.

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