How it feels to wear thong panty for the first time

Thong panties,some Indian women wear them daily and others don’t even think of buying a pair. For those in the second category, I wrote Do women in India wear thongs panties?  But many of you conveyed your complete objection to thongs and non-cotton sexy panties in the comments section.
The first crazy comment that I would like to mention here is, “Thongs are for whore.”  First off, if the kind of panty a women wears is your metric for judging a person’s character , you’re an jerk.  That’s right, I said it, a jerk.
I’ve been celibate for long time, and I wear a sexy panty each day ( usually full-coverage underwear). And even if I were sexually active, wearing a sexy , lacy panties would not make me a whore.  This isn’t the Ramayan-era, so stop slut shaming based on panties preference.  Wearing sexy thong can be empowering even if no one but you will ever see them.
Secondly for me,as an Indian it was a fear of wearing a thong, something i long believed wasn’t for Indian women , that kept me away from trying the sexy thong panty. But recently i gave it a try.I wore a black-lacy thong and perform four tests : trying them on, exercising in them, how they look in leggings and spending the whole day and night in them.


How it feels to wear thong panty for the first time


I can’t believe I spent the first 25 years of my life buying and wearing boring traditional cotton hipsters. Unfortunately, that’s the route most Indian women take. Sure, they may THINK they’re wearing a nice pair of panties from Jockey, M&S or About u… but they’re sadly mistaken…
Because unless you’ve tried on a pair of Snazzyway thong panties, you haven’t lived. About a three months back, i made it my mission to upgrade my entire lingerie wardrobe. I wanted nothing but the best of all styles and brands. That led to a few months of trying on various underwear styles including thong, lacy set, push up bras, silky camisoles and of course… Bodystocking.
The first thong panty  I wore was the Snazzyway lacy pair you see above.  I have to admit, they did feel amazingly soft. And they had a nice little “ballpark pouch” where all his - ahem - “stuff” would stay in place. The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the package was they’re incredibly soft. They definitely live up to the claim of being “softer-than-soft”. I’m not ashamed to admit I took them and rubbed them all over my face. “It’s the only panty style I don’t even notice I’m wearing. Oh, this feels weird,” but the string “up too high”is uncomfortable. Snazzyway uses fabric that is five times softer than cotton, shrink resistant, moisture wicking, and holds color better than cotton.


It was like a whole new world


And even though they felt soft on my face, they felt even better when I tried them on. It was like a whole new world. I couldn’t believe I lived my entire life without having underwear  style like these.I just saw myself in the thong from every angle, and it’s extremely small. It looks cute. I have to admit, it looks really cute, but not comfortable first time,” Overall, it was a great experience, and while they might be uncomfortable, thongs definitely made me feel sexy . So my final thought on How it feels to wear thong panty for the first time - “It’s not something I would wear on an everyday basis like my friends do, so I’m going to stick with my granny panties and just live my life,” she says, giving us all words to live by.

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