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Scale your Online store with #1 dropshipping supplier in India !


Scale your Online store with #1 dropshipping supplier in India !

Snazzyway is a most trusted Lingerie dropshipping supplier in India . in fact it is  heavenly website for all e commerce store owners , offering exquisite lingerie and fashion apparel from leading international brands. 
Instantly find the hot selling products and add them to your store in just one click . Trending, profitable and fast selling wholesale dropshipping products for you to sell on your Shopify, Woo commerce, Amazon store(s). .
With Snazzyway you don’t need to worry about anything except getting people to your website and selling. We will pack and ship directly to your customers without you needing to take on any of additional stress.


 Most trusted dropshipping supplier in India with a difference


  • List eye-catching women apparel & lingerie products in your store with the best photos, price and descriptions.
  • Bright, clear and razor sharp product Images with clear product descriptions.
  • Our white-labeled packaging keeps you in the picture with every product shipped, so the customer is unaware of business between us
  • fast and Reliable Shipments - Dispatch within 6 hours , deliver within 3 days
  • Weekly Tips and Secrets to Win Competition
  • Earn up to 55% margin¬†on Your Sales
  • Free advertising material and graphic
  • Free & Fast Shipping -¬†Your orders can be delivered to your customers for free in 2-3 days.
  • Strong IT Support -¬†Our platform supports syncing orders, stocks and tracking No. with your online stores.
  • Worry-free Service -¬†Our 24/7 support team offers professional sales consultant and after-sales service.


Most trusted dropshipping supplier in India with a difference (2

We Are Manufacturer

Snazzyway is a dropshipping supplier based in India with a 10,000 m2 own logistics warehouse  .The merchandise we carry is manufactured by us.We keep all the products  in ready to ship condition.

Non Returnable Product

Due to intimate nature of the products - panties, swimwear, lingerie accessories, babydoll, all types of underwear and shorties are not eligible for returns as per the all marketplace Returns Policy

A multi-channel one-click import process

We offer multi-channel management . Snazzyway provides one click import solution for ‚Äst Woocommerce,¬†Shopify,Squarespace,¬†Big Cartel , OsCommerce and Ecwid

Super fast delivery

Unlike other dropshipping suppliers in India, we will not make your customer wait until the next five six days for their product when they need them fast! Snazzyway will ship the very same day you place your dropship order and have them to your buyer  within 3 Days.

Try the products yourself # order product Samples

Order product samples right from Snazzyway website in a few clicks. Easily test out the products and delivery speed to build a reliable dropshipping business. Check sample pack 

Lifetime Licence with one time set up fee

We do not charge anything monthly or annually. Our Lifetime licenses are full-privilege reseller licenses, and include all future updates , New inventory and support

Free Marketing tools

We offer free marketing tools to make your  dropshipping website even better to setting up your first advertise campaign to social media marketing  to the best SEO training and so much more.Check free marketing tools 

Top International Brands

We grant you full access to our  product catalogue with a wide selection of high street brand name products from best selling niches. Click here to see brands we carry.

dropshipping supplierb India Snazzyway

Choose a drop ship plan that’s right for you

Get everything you need to get started with your e commerce business.Whether you’re a curious beginner,established marketer or established company, Snazzyway has a drop ship plan to suit your needs.Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Choose Products from top selling niches to sell on Your Site

Browse and select from thousands of products available on most profitable niche. Our product catalog covers an extensive selection from some of the world’s best sellers.

Import products from Snazzyway to your store in Just two clicks

We offer multi-channel management . Snazzyway is ¬†integrated with ‚Äst¬†Woocommerce,¬†Shopify,Squarespace,¬†Big Cartel , OsCommerce and Ecwid

Import Product using CSV

No worries if not in  Woocommerce, Shopify,Squarespace, Big Cartel , OsCommerce and Ecwid. Using CSV, XML feeds, you can edit and import products to your store. We make importing easy with our raw feed files. 

Sell Products and Collect Payment

Sell Snazzyway products on your site /Marketplaces and get paid directly from your customers. Earn up to 55% profit as you are free to set the margins for your cost and selling price.

Order back to us and we directly deliver

You pay for only the cost of the products you sell.We direct your order to warehouse for immediate processing. We generally drop ship Nationwide . Orders are usually packed and shipped within 24 hours.We will also provide a tracking number for your customers, so they can check the status of their orders in real time.

Trending wholesale dropshipping products that sells quickly & effortlessly

We are an established wholesale dropshipping suppliers in India with over 7 years of experience,our dropshipping stock is ever-changing and full, waiting for you to sell and make money. With so many selections to choose from, it will be just hard for you to choose just few products to display on your home page.
Snazzyway dazzling styles cater to every unique taste and personality. The full Snazzyway dropshipping product range includes a diverse collection of all the latest styles of Bras, Panties and Sets . Our sexy lingerie range includes- Very seductive body stockings, see through lingerie,Bikini bra sets, exotic babydoll nightwear and many more.

Lingerie, bra & underwear - Ideal Products for Dropshipping in India

lingerie market is currently pegged at Rs 9,700 crore in India and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 16 percent. Over 60 million women in India are now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life.In India, where norms and mores are very strict, women and men don’t feel comfortable shop out in the store rather they prefer buying lingerie online. If you decide to dropship these popular products from your website , you will have ample opportunity to build a thriving, profitable business.

Large market Size

Under every women top is a bra, under every trouser is a panty , so the market is very size is very big in India.

Non Returnable Product

Due to intimate nature of the products - panties, swimwear, lingerie accessories, babydoll, all types of underwear and shorties are not eligible for returns as per the all marketplace Returns Policy

Highly profitable

The markup in the lingerie business is relatively high, which means you do not have to sell a huge volume to make a reasonable profit.

Year round best seller

Lingerie is one of the best niches with a steady demand and online search volume year round. When traffic and sales are regular, it’s easier to predict future sales and growth.

Highly marketable

People especially women are investing a lot to wear a good pair of underwear. Be it for comfort or for sexual provocation/seduction.females spends more than their male counterpart when they go shopping. The fact that lingerie are meant for female makes it highly marketable

Dropshipping in India is hard work. Snazzyway makes it easier.

Dropshipping in India is hard work. Snazzyway makes it easier.

We created Snazzyway  to provide online Marchants like yourself with a huge selection of winning wholesale dropshipping products based on our Data Based Predictive Dropshipping AI Technology.
More hot selling products means more sales and revenue for you. With true on-demand distribution, there’s no need to stockpile inventory or build fulfillment and distribution centers.
Snazzyway enable you to fulfill orders on demand ‚Äď to help you maximize profitability, free up capital and minimize costly surpluses.

Start your business with #1 Reliable wholesale dropshipping supplier in India

You could literally have your own nice e-commerce website with 1000s of products on it up, and running in days. With no monthly fees, or middlemen eating up your hard-earned profit!
As the #1 wholesale dropshipping supplier in India ,we will do whatever it takes to help you succeed, and we have no hidden fees what so ever.
You will have a better client experience than with our competitors, but don’t take our word for it. We measure dropship partners satisfaction on an monthly basis, and clients across the board continuously rank as highly satisfied.

How Snazzyway Drop Shipping is Advantageous?

1   No need to invest in stocks: Since you don’t stock the product, you don’t pay for it until it’s sold (after you’ve been paid for it).
2   Scalability: Test products and add new ones quickly without bearing the burden of ordering in bulk and having something fail (which ties up valuable time and capital expenditure).
3   Increase lifetime value of customers: With the ability to add new and expanded product selections consistently, you can keep your existing customers engaged and returning to see what new items you’ve acquired. Costco stores offer a great example of this concept, and with the #1 wholesale dropshipper in India , you can offer a similar experience online.
4   Low starting cost: You can start selling without a lot of early investment because you don’t have to buy wholesale or cover the cost of manufacturing your own products.
5  Reduce costs: Every time you need to touch a product in the supply chain, there is a cost associated. Shipping charges and warehouse employees all get added into the Cost of Goods Sold. Often, you will find that a percentage of your product offering would net a business higher profit margins if it were drop shipped.
Most trustworthy dropshipping supplier in India
Here we'd like to introduce you to top 5 dropshipping websites using Snazzyway as their dropshipping supplier in India . These websites serve as great inspiration for all entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own dropshipping business.


# 1  Frenchdaina.com

Founder: Tavleen Arora
Website : https://frenchdaina.com/
Supplier - Snazzyway
Frenchdaina’s website design is simple yet eye-catching. This Shopify based dropshipping store started in June 2021.French Daina is home to a carefully curated selection of sleek, stylish designs as well as the all-important staples. Stretch lace plus size panties are where Frenchdaina really shines . Website has been designed with limited collections which make navigating through the website easy. The minimalist approach to the website design, while emphasizing the website does wonders in creating the ideal first impression to customers.

#2 Dresssexy.in

Founder: Nitin Mittal
Company: Dress sexy
Website: https://dresssexy.in/
Supplier - Snazzyway
Dress sexy is a successful lingerie store built on Woocommerce. Founded in 2022 and owned and managed by Mr Nitin Mittal . The business has gone from strength-to-strength, building its reputation among online competitors, and establishing itself as a one-stop-shop retailer of both designer and value lingerie brands. Dress sexy store offers the most brilliant collection of lingerie for all occasions. Their website is highly detailed with tons of high quality  products .

# 3  Glamowear.com

Founder: Prveen  Gethsemane
Company: Glamowear
Website: Glamowear.com
Supplier - Snazzyway
Glamowear is a successful lingerie store built on Woocommerce. Founded in 2021 and owned and managed by Prveen  Gethsemane . The business has gone from strength-to-strength, building its reputation among online competitors, and establishing itself as a one-stop-shop retailer of both designer and value lingerie brands. Glamowear store offers the most brilliant collection of lingerie for all occasions. Their website is highly detailed with tons of high quality  products .

# 4  Kovia.in

Founder: Umair Malik
Company: Kovia
Supplier - Snazzyway
If you’re looking for something that’s simultaneously sexy, good quality and comfortable, Kovia lingerie is the answer. It’s also, more recently, increased its size range to be more inclusive. Instagram-favourite stretch-Lace bralettes and everyday label-lined multipacks are ready to replenish your lingerie drawer quickly and easily, without waving goodbye to style. There’s so much to say about this store, but we’ll let their stunning website do the talking

#5 Silkadora.com

Founder: Ashwani Mahajan
Company: Silk Adora
Website: silkadora.com
Supplier - Snazzyway
Everything about Silkadora is eye-catching. Vibrant and colourful with fashionable prints and stylish cuts, sheer, tulle pieces look particularly flattering against darker skin tones. Pretty adornments make these pieces even more prestigious, with supportive straps that somehow remain lightweight enough to feel like they’re floating on your skin.
FAQ Snazzyway Dropshipping

Is Snazzyway legit ?

Yes, Snazzyway is a legitimate company, providing services to over 4500 online sellers, which only in India sell for over 6 BN INR , Sending over 1.5 Lakh parcels  monthly. The merchandise we carry is manufactured by us in our Uttarakhand unit .We keep all the products  in ready to ship condition.

How much you earn is up to you. Whether you’re simply after some additional cash or planning a full-time career, you set your hours and your income when designing your Snazzyway dropshipping Business. Our Privilege account resellers earn up to 34%* commission on every product they sell. An average weekly business of Rs 50,000/ will earn you Rs 17,000/- in weekly commission. If you choose to be a part of our white label dropship account, you'll earn 55% commission on every sales .

Snazzyway provide you with all of the training and tools you need to start your business strong, so no prior experience is necessary. No sales or marketing experience is required, just a love of the product and brand ethos of helping women feel good.

It's up to you. This is your business and you make the decisions. Snazzyway resellers allocate their time to suit their financial needs and business goals. Some resellers have other jobs and only work 4 - 8 hours per week, while others make full time career. 

Running your Snazzyway dropshipping business is easy and efficient. All you'll need is a phone, an iPad, a laptop, your Amazon seller account or your website, a passion for personalized service and a love for the Snazzyway Collections - we take care of the rest. You must also be over 18 years of age.

Passionate about creating the best lingerie in the world, each and every Snazzyway garment combines a seamless blend of superior comfort and elegant design with 8 years of product refinement.. Wear and sell a product that women know and love. Snazzyway business offers lifelong sales opportunity with each client . Your business provides everyday, fashion, bridal, naughty, active, shapewear, non-wire lingerie options plus luxurious loungewear, swimwear and athleisure solutions.


Most devoted, stable & reliable wholesale Dropshipping supplier India !


Most devoted, stable & reliable wholesale Dropshipping supplier India !

Why not partner with a company who will not only provide you with quality wholesale dropshipping products but also get the products to your customer within 3 days ? Snazzyway is one of the best wholesale dropshipping supplier in India .With Snazzyway you don’t need to worry about anything except getting people to your website and selling.
Whatever your orders, be it large or small, we'll be able to cater to your needs.If you thought dropshipping in India meant you had to deal with unreliable middelmen dropshipping suppliers,be happy. Today Snazzyway offer some keen advantages over their Chinese wholesake dropshippers .
When considering which dropshipper(s) to partner with, middlemen Indian companies may be tempting at first. This is mostly due to vast product range . But once you add in other factors; like product quality, service, and user experience ‚Äď we think you‚Äôll see why Snazzyway is the perfact choice, and will more than pay for themselves over time.
We are committed to providing an affordable & easy way for anyone, anywhere in India to be able to start a very lucrative drop shipping business. . Literally, you store up over thousands of our products on your e-commerce website with no monthly fees or middlemen eating up your hard-earned profit!


Best Wholesale dropshippers,dropshipping Supplier  in India By Industry!

Product quality is one of the main reasons to choose an Indian Dropshipping Manufaturer . ‚ÄėMade in India‚Äô wholesale products help sellers quickly gain their buyer‚Äôs trust. Plus with Snazzyway-made products, you get peace of mind knowing you‚Äôre carrying brands that adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. Partnering with an Indian dropshipping suppliers also means there‚Äôs a shorter supply chain. Products have less miles to travel to meet their final destination. This makes a huge difference in delivery time.

A-  Shipping and Returns ( Snazzyway vs Middlemen dropshipper )

It can take up to 1 weeks for middelemen dropshipping products to reach your customers. But with Snazzywaydropshipping , that window can be reduced to 1-3 days. 

B- Coustomer Service ( Snazzyway vs Middlemen dropshipper )

Finally, you want to know that your Wholesale dropshipper will be there to support you if you have questions. Snazzyway is in the same time zones as you are, and have dedicated customer service team you can reach out to for any questions.Turn around response times tend to be longer when dealing with overseas or  middelmen Indian dropshippers. And that lag time can result in lost sales for you.

C- Stability & Control ( Snazzyway vs Middlemen dropshipper )

With Snazzyway you can smoothly run and control thousands of order daily .Remember , while majority of dropshipping suppliers in India can barely take care of controlling even hundreds of orders monthly .

Make a full time earning selling products from most profitable dropshipping Niche

All of our partners have been very successful using our wholesale dropshipping services for their business and this includes different people from different walks of life, from beginners, to seasoned merchants, there is definitely something on offer for everybody. At snazzyway, we will do whatever it takes to help you succeed in your drop shipping business.
All you have to do is register with us by opening an account  online right on our website and provide us with details of information as is required on our registration platform or on the alternative, you can look up our contact details on our website and either give us a call or send us an email and we will  help you figure out the right way to proceed with opening a wholesale dropshipping account with us.We have all the resources that you will need to get started and our process is very cost effective, efficient and much less cumbersome than the other few providers of this service in India.


Talk to an expert

Our ask an expert forum is intended to be a place where you can get Expert responses to questions on Lingerie business . If you have specific questions about our dropshipping srrvices, our team of experts can help,they will make suggestions, offer guidance, and help you choose the right dropshipping plan.



What Our Clients Say


What makes us # 1 Dropshipping supplier in India -  Client Reviews 


The best team I have worked with

"The best team I have worked with! Rakesh & Manpreet are very responsive, very attentive and give the best of themselves to ensure that everything goes well. I can count on them and that is the most important!"
Founder: Ashwani Mahajan
Company: Silk Adora
Website: silkadora.com


Extremely helpful and understanding

"I spoke to one of the advisors Shruti Aggarwal and she was extremely helpful and understanding. She knew what I was looking for and resolved my issue. Though i was panicking and was very upset with the bulk order issues but she made sure that I get the right information. I will give 5/5 to him. Well done buddy!"
Founder: Tavleen Arora
Website : https://frenchdaina.com/


Snazzyway Dropshipping rocks

"Snazzyway Dropshipping rocks! You guys are super talented and you got great service. Thank you Manpreet my account manager for all the hard work you have done for this project and to the whole team I have worked with till the success of this beautiful store, I really appreciate everything and everyone and once again "THANK YOU ALL" and keep up the great work.!"
Founder: Prashanth
Company: Inchica
Website : Inchica .in


Fast delivery

"Super customer service, fast delivery, so far everything is great. Simple and simple to use. Thank you!"
Founder: Umair Malik
Company: Kovia


Good business experience

"Good business experience. Cost effective to launch a new product. Many tools are provided like videos for reels. Thank you Manpreet for your help to set up it all !"
Founder: Prveen  Gethsemane
Company: Glamowear
Website: Glamowear.com