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Snazzyway Best dropshipping supplier in India !


Selling products online, particularly through dropshipping suppliers in India, is a practical option to get your business up and running swiftly and affordably.

Imagine a smooth e-commerce journey in which you, as a business owner, concentrate on strategy, marketing, and growth while the challenges of inventory management and order fulfillment are expertly handled by a devoted dropshipping supplier . That's where we come in. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of countless businesses, and we're about to show you why.
 If you're looking for a dropshipping supplier in India who not only understands your needs but anticipates them, you're in the right place. 


What Is a Dropshipping Supplier?


A company or an individual that supplies products to retailers without needing them to keep inventory is referred to as a dropshipping supplier. Dropshipping is a business method by which the supplier ships products directly to the buyer once the retailer has made a sale. This eliminates the need for the retailer to store stock or conduct the shipping process. While the supplier is responsible for managing inventory and fulfilling orders, retailers are able to concentrate on marketing, sales, and providing excellent customer service.





The importance of collaborating with reliable dropshipping suppliers


A successful dropshipping business relies on its suppliers , where flawless transactions and consumer happiness are key. The reliability of your dropshipping supplier is the foundation of your business. A reliable dropshipping supplier can help you achieve scalability, consumer confidence, and operational efficiency. Here are some important reasons why it's important to choose a reliable supplier:
1- Quality products - Trustworthy suppliers guarantee excellent products. Customer satisfaction and business credibility depend on this.
2- Regular Product Supply - A reliable supplier keeps stock levels stable, reducing product shortages. This lets people find and buy what they would like.
3- On-time shipping - Timely delivery is crucial in e-commerce. A good dropshipping supplier will delivery orders quickly, improving customer satisfaction.
4 - Easy Integration - Good suppliers integrate with your e-commerce platform, making product listings and orders simple. This simplifies dropshipping business.
5- Reduce Returns and Refunds - Reliable suppliers deliver the right products in good condition, reducing returns and refunds. This improves consumer satisfaction and saves the business losses.


 Finding dropshipping suppliers in India : 5 Common challenges


Dropshipping is a relatively new business model in India that has gained popularity in the e-commerce industry. While this model has many advantages, it also has some distinct challenges. 
From sourcing reliable suppliers to managing inventory and ensuring prompt order fulfillment, dropshippers often grapple with various pain points that can affect their success.
In this section, we will explore how Snazzyway effectively addresses the pain points that have long plagued dropshippers, offering a lifeline to businesses seeking sustainable growth and profitability.


#1 - Supplier Reliability: Finding trustworthy suppliers is difficult. Some suppliers may offer poor quality, slow shipping, or run out of stock.
#2 - Shipping Times and Costs: Long shipping times can result in customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, shipping costs can significantly impact profit margins.
# 3 - High Return Rates: Some products, especially in the fashion and electronics categories, are more prone to returns . High return rates can impact profitability.
# 4- Platform Compatibility: Different e-commerce platforms have varying levels of compatibility with dropshipping solutions. Ensuring your chosen platform can seamlessly integrate with your dropshipping supplier's systems can be challenging.
# 5 - Customer Service: Handling customer inquiries, returns, and issues can be time-consuming. Maintaining good customer service is essential for building a positive reputation.


How to Evaluate and Choose Reliable Dropshipping suppliers in India ?


Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers in India is easy if you know what to search for. Here are 5 key points to evaluate  suppliers :


1-Differentiate between manufacturers , wholesalers and middlemen 

Inquire about how the supplier sources its products. Understanding whether they manufacture the products, work with manufacturers, or source from other suppliers can provide insights into the supply chain. Manufacture can offer the lowest prices if they do drop ship, and if they don’t, they  can connect you to their wholesalers.


2-Request Product Samples 

Request product samples from suppliers. Unfortunately, counterfeit product suppliers never want to provide samples. This lets you test quality before hiring a supplier, thus bogus suppliers rarely send them.


3-Request Free trail period

You might want to start with a trial session. This lets you try out their services, see how reliable they are, and see how well they do their job without committing to anything big right away. Pay attention to things like order handling and e-commerce integration, and back up this trial phase. 


4-Ask for References

Request references from the supplier. They may be able to provide you with contacts of other businesses they have worked with who can share their experiences.


5 -Ask supplier for their best selling product list 

Ask the supplier for their best-selling items. This shows the dropshipping suppliers strengths and specialties. Fake  suppliers won't give you their bestsellers list since they don't want you to check them. These red indicators imply fraud.
Accelerate your growth with best dropshipping supplier in India

Snazzyway : Your ideal dropshipping supplier in India !

Snazzyway is an innovative dropshipping supplier in India, providing a diverse selection of top-notch intimate products and tools that are specifically designed to elevate customer satisfaction, minimize operational expenses, and amplify revenue for e-commerce enterprises.
Our 7 years of experience in dropshipping business enable us to provide you fantastic business opportunities, as well as and a top-notch shopping experience for your customers
Instantly find the hot selling products and add them to your store in just one click . Trending, profitable and fast selling wholesale dropshipping products for you to sell on your ShopifyWoo commerce, Amazon store(s). .
In the following section, we outline a number of features that set us apart as the leading dropshipping supplier in India.

#1 - We Are Manufacturer

All the products we offer are exclusively manufactured by our company. Our inventory consists of over 5,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) that are readily available for shipment.

#2 -Non Returnable Product

Returns and exchanges can have a negative impact on the profits . Non-returnable dropshipping products offer a solution to these problems. The Returns Policy for the entire marketplace does not permit returns for personal products such as panties, stockings, lingerie accessories, any type of bra set, and swimwear.

# 3 - A multi-channel one-click import process

The e-commerce platforms Woocommerce, Shopify,Wix, Magento, Opencart, and Ecwid are all supported by Snazzyway's one-click import solution.

#4 - Fastest shipping ever!

Dropship orders placed with Snazzyway before 11 am PT will be processed and shipped the same day.

 #5 -  product Samples

Snazzyway offers product samples online. Build a reliable dropshipping business by easily testing products and delivery speed.

# 6 - Get a lifetime license with just a one-time setup fee

No fees every month or year. Our lifetime reseller licenses come with all the updates, new inventory, and support you need.

# 7 - Free Marketing tools

We've got some awesome free marketing tools to help you make your website even better. Whether you're setting up your first ad campaign or diving into social media marketing, we've got you covered. Plus, we offer the best SEO training and a whole lot more. 
Launch your E-commerce with Snazzyway's dropshipping expertise

Launch your E-commerce in 2024 with Snazzyway's dropshipping expertise


Use Snazzyway's dropshipping expertise to confidently start your E-commerce business. We specialise in intimate apparel, making it easy and rewarding for entrepreneurs. Enjoy easy inventory management, international reach, and a niche market. Snazzyway can boost your brand and e-commerce success.. Discover why Snazzyway stands out, making your journey to business prosperity both efficient and stylish.


#1 Launch quickly with ready to go high performance website


Snazzyway specialists will design and program a Shopify dropshipping website for you, preloaded with our best-selling products, so that you can launch your new online lingerie business immediately! Your very own online store will be operational within a few days.


# 2 Create your own brand with our white label dropshipping solution

Take advantage of the fact that we provide a cost-effective, in-house white label lingerie and apparel dropshipping service so that you can reap the benefits of your own brand. Not only do you have access to a variety of high-quality lingerie and women's western wear , but you can also resell them as your own !


# 3 Grow your business with our free marketing tools

There will be no more needless delays in product development. All the resources you need to build your brand and promote it for free are included in Snazzyway.


#4 Get Enticing Incentives and Rewards

Not only do you earn an income from your Snazzyway business, but can also receive a range of additional extras including free trips and bonuses.


#5 Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

If you're looking for a wholesale dropshipping supplier in India , go no further than Snazzyway. Create meaningful connections, go to exciting lingerie events, see the world, hear inspiring lecturers, and expand your intellect and personality.
Sell your own brand with Snazzyway white label solutions

Expand horizons with Snazzyway's international white label services


Snazzyway offers first-rate white label services that can open doors to limitless opportunities for your business. Enjoy yourself in an endless sea of possibilities as we transform your one-of-a-kind ideas into reality in the e-commerce realm.
We are experts in premium white label dropshipping and can help you elevate your brand, simplify your operations, and build an outstanding reputation in the market.


1- Create your own unique brand

Sell e-commerce under your own brand . We will store all items in a ready-to-ship condition and deliver them to your customers with your brand label whenever you place an order. You only pay for products sold.


2- Branding Material Printing

You don't need to bargain with tag manufacturers and spend lacs on MOQ. Snazzyway provides all tags except the label that comes inside lingerie , price and brand tags, tag ropes, exterior packaging tags, and the overall package. All with your desired brand name, logo, and styling.


3- Brand Promotion

Rather focusing on specific product or services, we focus on your brand as a whole. Our promotion framework integrates advertising, sales promotion, social media marketing, and publicity together to launch a full-fledged promotion campaign that captures audience pulse.


Power-up your business with niche specialist dropshipping supplier !

Explore the best dropshipping products for India's online market in 2024


Lingerie is one of those time-tested markets that consistently delivers year-round high-volume sales. Women and men in India, a country with conservative social mores, often prefer to purchase for intimate apparel online rather than in person.
The Indian lingerie industry is forecast to expand by 16 percent annually, from its current valuation of Rs 9,700 crore. More than 60 million Indian women are active Internet users who rely on it to carry out their daily tasks.If you want to start a successful business, selling women's undergarments is a great choice because there is a high demand for these items.Some of the main benefits are as follows:

Big Business

The Indian market is huge since every woman wears a bra and panties.

Non Returnable Product

The entire marketplace Returns Policy states that due to the intimate nature of the products, returns will not be accepted for any form of shorties, pantyhose, swimwear, lingerie accessories,, or any other type of lingerie or lingerie accessories.

Very profitable

Lingerie has a large markup, so you don't need to sell a lot to make money.

Best Seller All Year

The lingerie market is one of the most promising because of the high demand and search volume it enjoys all through the year. When foot traffic and revenues are consistent, business expansion can be planned with greater precision.

Highly marketable

Women notably spend a lot on underwear. For comfort or sexual provocation/seduction.Women shop more than men. Lingerie sells well since it's for women.

Top Dropshipping Supplier in India for Niche Products


We invite you to take a look at our exquisite collection of sexy and elegant lingerie styles. We carry luxury lingerie in a wide variety of styles, including designer bras and sexy panties, luxury lace trimmed nightdresses and babydolls, as well as a beautiful daywear collection, all of which are intended to make your customers happy and increase the profitability of your online store.
Our dropshipping stock is always being updated and is always full; it is just waiting for you to sell it and may make money. It is going to be quite difficult for you to choose just a few things to display on your home page because there are so many options available to choose from. Here are some of the best dropshipping products in India you could typically dropship with Snazzyway:


1- Lingerie Sets:

This includes bras and matching panties, often in various styles, materials, and designs.


2- Nightwear:

A range of sleepwear options, such as nightgowns, pajama sets, robes, and chemises.


3- Shapewear:

Body-shaping undergarments designed to enhance the wearer's figure.


4- Bralette :

Lace and Silk Satin Bralettes for women.


5- Hosiery:

A variety of stockings, tights, and socks.


6- Bodysuits:

One-piece undergarments that can also be worn as outerwear.


7-Sports Bras and Activewear:

Bras and fitness clothing suitable for workouts and sports activities.


8- Sexy Panties:

Panties in various style i.e - Thong , Hipster , Boyshorts , Bikini and cheeky 


9-Plus Size Lingerie:

Intimate apparel catering to plus-size women.


10 - Accessories:

Items like garters, stockings, gloves, and other lingerie accessories.
The Heartwarming Journeys of Our Satisfied Clients

The Heartwarming Journeys of Our Satisfied Clients


Tavleen Arora joined Snazzyway in August 2021, seeking support to launch her lingerie dropshipping store ,French Daina . With the support of Snazzyway, Tavleen successfully launched her business in September 2022 and achieved monthly turnover of INR 6,22,000 within 9 month . Tavleen is very excited about the future of her business
" Working with Snazzyway has not only helped me streamline my business operations but has also contributed to significant growth. My revenue has increased, and I've been able to focus more on marketing and customer engagement, knowing that my supply chain is in capable hands. "
Tavleen Arora (launched with Snazzyway and achieved monthly turnover of INR 6,22,000 within 9 month )


Kind words - They did it , so you can too !


"I've been working with Snazzyway as my primary dropshipping supplier for lingerie and intimate apparel for over a year now, and I couldn't be happier with the partnership. As a small e-commerce business owner, finding the right supplier was crucial, and Snazzyway has exceeded my expectations in several ways."
Prveen Gethsemane (Glamowear )


"What sets Snazzyway apart is their reliability. Orders are processed quickly, and their fulfillment and shipping times are consistently on point. This ensures that my customers receive their orders in a timely manner, which is crucial for building trust and customer satisfaction."
Nitin Mittal ( Dresssexy )
How can I start a dropshipping business with Snazzyway

Start with Ease, Succeed with Finesse : Kickstart Your Dropshipping Venture

Here are two easy options to start a dropshipping business with Snazzyway:


Option A: You already own a store

1- Easy ! Simply Sign up for a Snazzyway account . Once you have registered, you will be able to access our product catalog and marketing tools.
2-Login to your dashboard and browse and select from thousands of products available on most profitable niche.
3-Start adding products to your store -Snazzyway's one click product import options are compatible with  platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix , opencart and BigCommerce 


Option B: You do not have a website 

1- Easy ! Simply Sign up for a Premium label Snazzyway account .
2-Snazzyway will design & program a website on the Shopify  platform for you, preloaded with our items
3-You will be in business with your very own online store in just a few days.


15 Most Popular Questions About Dropshipping & Suppliers in India 


In this part, we'll answer some of the most popular dropshipping inquiries from beginners and experts. If you want to establish a dropshipping business, develop your existing one, or learn about the market, we can help. Let's start learning about dropshipping's secrets, problems, and opportunities.



Q-Is Dropshipping legal in India?


Absolutely, Dropshipping business model is legal & permitted in India , if it had been not legal then companies like Amazon, Filpkart and Ajio etc, would not be able to conduct their Business operations in India.


Q- Is GST compulsory for  starting a dropshipping website in India ?


GST is not compulsory for  starting a dropshipping website in India , but here are the few reasons why you should obtain GST Number
1- First of all to accept the payments on your web store you need the Payment and all Indian or international payment gateways need GST Number.
2- Without a GST number, you cannot sell on any marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart .
3-  Without a GST number , you can not contract with any shipping company.


Q- What are the top dropshipping suppliers in India?


Here are top 10 dropshipping suppliers in India:


1- Snazzyway 

Snazzyway is an established lingerie manufacturer and one of the oldest  dropshipping supplier in India with over 8 years of experience, providing carefully selected exclusive ranges of beautiful lingerie , women’s clothing and apparel . They offer dropshipping services for their products, which means you can partner with Snazzyway to sell their products on your own online store without the need to hold inventory or handle shipping and fulfillment.

2- India Mart 

The second company on our list is Indiamart.. However, it’s not a complete service dropshipping website, it can aid you in finding supplier for your store. Indiamart is one of the oldest B2B Marketplaces in India where wholesalers and retail dealers encounter each other.

3 - Cokoon

The online dropshipping website Cokoon connects suppliers and resellers via an automated technical bridge, saving them time and resources in setting up a complex business.

4- SaleHoo 

SaleHoo is a directory of wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. They have a list of verified suppliers, including some from India, making it easier to find reliable partners for your dropshipping business.

5- eSources

eSources is a directory of verified wholesale suppliers and dropshippers. They may have Indian suppliers listed among their directory.

6- Doba 

Doba is a dropshipping platform that connects online retailers with suppliers and manufacturers, allowing them to source and sell products without the need for inventory management or order fulfillment.

7- Spocket 

Spocket is a dropshipping platform that connects e-commerce entrepreneurs with suppliers and manufacturers, primarily focusing on fast shipping and quality products

8- Modalys

Modalyst is a dropshipping platform that connects e-commerce retailers with suppliers, focusing on providing a curated selection of fashion and apparel products

9- Dropified 

Dropified is a dropshipping automation software and platform that aims to streamline and simplify various aspects of the dropshipping business model. It provides tools and features to help entrepreneurs manage their dropshipping stores more efficiently.

10- Printify

Printify, another print-on-demand dropshipping site, lets businesses and individuals sell personalised products online. Printify interacts with various e-commerce sites and gives customization possibilities like Printful.
Users can choose from global printing partners using Printify. Clothing, accessories, home decor, and more are offered by these partners. Users can choose a product and printing partner and add their own designs or artwork.


Q- Can I start dropshipping with no money?


Dropshipping without money is difficult, but not impossible. While you can start with little money, domain registration, marketing, and platform improvements may cost you. Dropshipping decreases inventory costs, but you still need to focus on customer service, branding, and marketing.


Q-Is dropshipping profitable in India?


Dropshipping in India is a very profitable reason being  you don’t stock the product, you don’t pay for it until it’s sold (after you’ve been paid for it).


Q-Is lingerie a good niche for dropshipping in India ?


Lingerie, undoubtedly, stands as one of the most lucrative dropshipping niches in India. Its consistent demand and year-round online search volume make it an absolute winner in the e-commerce realm. In the realm of business, having a steady flow of traffic and consistent sales is a game-changer. Not only does it allow for accurate projections of future sales and growth .


Q- Which e -com platform is best for launching a dropshipping website In India?


From our experience, we believe that Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for launching your own dropshiping website in India . Shopify has many beautiful, free themes that will  match for any type of business. Customizing a theme to fit your company's goals and target market is quite simple. Additionally, you can use more than 100 paid apps for your business at various price points. You may personalize your website as you wish using Shopify, and you can use applications like Gem Pages and PageFly to personalize your product pages or any other pages.


Q - What are the best non returnable items to drop ship in India ?


When deciding which non-returnable products to sell on Amazon or from your own website , it's important to consider the following factors:
1. The product must be Year-Round Seller(Not Seasonal)
2. The product should be in high demand and have a good profit margin.
Some examples of non-returnable products that may be a good fit for Indian market include items such as Luxury lingerie set which includes panty, extra plus size panties, and designer lingerie . These products are generally low-risk and have a high demand, making them a good option for sellers.


Q- Can i sell your  dropshipping products on Amazon India or Meshoo ?

Absolutely, you can sell our products on Amazon India and Meshoo .  You must register as an Amazon seller, and our experts will build your detailed product pages that not only get your products discovered through Amazon search, but will make your product stand out among your competitors


Q- Can I start dropshipping with my phone?

Absolutely! It is indeed possible to kickstart your dropshipping journey using just your phone. However, it's worth noting that having access to a computer can offer you enhanced flexibility and efficiency when it comes to handling certain tasks. Having both options available is absolutely crucial for the seamless operation and exponential growth of your dropshipping venture.


Q- Can you dropship alone?

Yes, you can run a dropshipping  business all by yourself. Many dropshipping business owners start and run their companies on their own.


Q- Can I start a dropshipping business as a part-time venture ?

Absolutely! Starting a dropshipping business as a side hustle is a viable option for individuals seeking to diversify their income streams and explore entrepreneurial endeavors. A growing number of individuals opt for engaging in dropshipping as a supplementary source of income alongside their primary employment or other commitments.


Your Trusted Partner, India's Best Dropshipping Supplier


Achieve Success with India's Premier Dropshipping Company 


Finally, we take great satisfaction in claiming to be the top dropshipping supplier in India. Our dedication to quality, dependability, and client satisfaction distinguishes us. Our success is determined by the success of our partners as we continue to empower businesses and entrepreneurs. Join us on this journey, and together we can define the future of e-commerce. Your success is our success, and we eagerly await the opportunity to be your valued partner in the dynamic world of dropshipping in India.


Happy client !

We are confident that "Happy customers are the key to success" despite the numerous technological performance parameters in the E-commerce industry. Therefore, we endeavor to develop our inventory based on customer requirements. Additionally, we attempt to identify additional recommendations or suggestions for our products and dropshipping services . This is the contribution we make to the partnership. That’s what we appreciate.


Never-ending devotion!

As the top dropshipping supplier in India , we anticipate other dropshipping companies to emulate our practices. But we think it's not processes or ads that make our recommendation special. Our people, work culture, and dedication make dropshipping easy and entertaining.
Our objective is to provide the world's greatest lingerie at the lowest wholesale prices to our resellers. Nobody can replicate it. This is our identity and the Snazzyway's foundation.



When you're as enthusiastic about lingerie as we are, you can't help but share your thoughts. We've offered free thoughts, advice, styles, and purchasing suggestions that we've found valuable and implemented. We are also continually looking for innovative ways to make dropshipping easier. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, whether it is same-day delivery, free ecommerce integration, or a quick return.
We put in a lot of effort to learn about the challenges faced by our resellers and adopt them as our own. Because we want our resellers to have a positive experience working with us, we strive to be forthright, honest, straightforward, and responsive at all times.



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