How it works

How it works Snazzyway dropshipping

Choose a drop ship plan that’s right for you

Plans & Pricing.Get everything you need to get started with e commerce business.Whether you’re a curious beginner,established marketer or established company, Snazzyway has a drop ship plan to suit your needs.Choose the plan that’s right for you.

 Choose Products to sell on Your Site

Browse and select from thousands of products available on most profitable niche. Our product catalog covers an extensive selection from some of the world’s best sellers.

 Export Product Details

Using CSV, XML feeds, you can export product details: descriptions, images, SKUs, prices, etc. We make exporting easy with our feed files. You are free to use the product details on your website.

Sell Products and Collect Payment

Sell Snazzyway products on your site /Marketplaces and get paid directly from your customers. Earn up to 60% profit as you set the margins for your cost and selling price.

Order back to us and we directly deliver

You pay for only the cost of the products you sell.

We direct your order to warehouse for immediate processing. We generally drop ship Nationwide (exclusions may apply, depending on the location of your customer). Orders are usually packed and shipped within 48 hours.

We will also provide a tracking number for your customers, so they can check the status of their orders in real time.



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5 Fundamentals For Successful Dropshipping Business

In 2016 and for years to come, the eCommerce economy in India is expected to grow at rapid pace. As an entrepreneur, this is the best time to start your own online business. 

Is drop shipping a profitable business model in India?

The reason for success is common, dropshipping or any other business. Right product, Right marketing and Good luck.There are many benefits when you’re starting a dropshipping business….

How to start drop shipping business in India?

If you have been looking to start your own online business, then chances are you must have heard of dropshipping . But what exactly is dropshipping, and how to start drop shipping business in India?

How to choose best drop shipping company?

Finding Drop ship supplier for your e commerce business can be daunting task in India.While searching google, you’ll likely come across a large number of “fake” drop shipping companies…


How snazzyway dropshipping services works

Why lingerie is most profitable niche in India ?

Lingerie, in and of itself, is a hot selling product on Internet .It has been one of those old standby niches that are always sure to be peak performers for sales year round.

In India, where norms and mores are very strict, women and men don’t feel comfortable shop out in the store rather they prefer buying lingerie online.

Lingerie market is currently pegged at Rs 9,700 crore in India and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 16 percent. Over 60 million women in India are now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life.

As you can see,lingerie is such a hot niche and if you decide to dropship these popular products on Ebay, you will have ample opportunity to build a thriving, profitable home business.

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    I have just started doing Drop shipping in India. Baab Store is in the process of building my site I would love to add Bras and lingerie to my site. Please let me know when I can get in touch with you to discuss this.

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