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It’s time to think bigger than your inventory and beyond brick and mortar boundaries, outside of your own website or Amazon India Dropshipping. With Snazzyway, you can strategically start , build and expand your dropshipping business.More hot selling products means more sales and revenue for you. With true on-demand distribution, there’s no need to stockpile inventory or build fulfillment and distribution centers. Snazzyway enable you to fulfill orders on demand – to help you maximize profitability, free up capital and minimize costly surpluses.

It’s not just about expanding assortment or tapping into marketplaces, it’s about generating more demand, increasing traffic and improving customer loyalty.It’s time to chart a new, sustainable growth curve for your drop shipping business.Eliminate bottlenecks and rapidly build SKUs with commerce-ready content, compliant with the precise specifications of your taxonomy.

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Quick start your Amazon drop shipping business with Snazzyway

Company with its own stock

We are not intermediaries, we are a dropshipper with a 10,000 m2 logistics warehouse where we store and distribute our own stock.

 Lowest wholesale prices guaranteed 

 We guarantee our resellers the lowest wholesale prices than any other wholesale distributor or fashion dropshipper in India.

Thousands of hot selling products 

We offer close to 12,000 wholesale products in the lingerie niche.  We also touch on other categories as well like clubwear and women apparel and clothes.Click here to see what we have for you

Top International Brands

We grant you full access to our  product catalogue with a wide selection of high street brand name products from best selling niches. Click here to see brands we carry.

Super fast delivery

Unlike other dropshipping companies in India, we will not make your customer wait until the next five six days for their product when they need them fast! Snazzyway will ship the very same day you place your dropship order and have them to your buyer  within 3 Days.

Extensive catalogue and 12,000+ hot selling products

Snazzyway is a most trusted women fashion dropshipper in India with a huge catalogue of hot selling products, you will find a multitude of new items each week across a wide variety of lingerie categories, check out our Amazon dropshipping bestseller items. Our goal is for our members to be able to make a full time earning selling quality lingerie online. Our job is to provide you with the tools, and resources to do just that. You could literally have your own nice e-commerce website, or Amazon or shopify store with 1000s of products on it up, and running in days. With no monthly fees, or middlemen eating up your hard-earned profit! As the most trusted dropshipping supplier India,we will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

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What does the title "Best amazon India dropshipping supplier" entail? How does a company become known as the "best dropshipping company in India"? And what criteria is used to determine the title? Snazzyway has the trophy case to prove that we're one of the best in the business. Currently we are providing services to over 4500 online shops, which only in India sell for over 6 BN INR , Sending over 1.5 Lakh parcels  monthly.  That's more than any other amazon India dropshipping supplier! But before we figure out how we (or anyone else) can be considered as the best dropshipping company, we had to first determine how the "best Amazon dropshipper" was actually defined. Several factors set us apart from the competition. We highlight some of the things we believe make us different and uniquely place us in a position to help our clients grow. If you'd like to speak with one of our knowledgeable drop shipping experts directly, you can contact us online or call

How does Snazzy way drop shipping differ from the standard drop shipping?

Snazzy way stocks & dropships top quality women intimates that are in high demand. Our amazon India dropshipping model is highly favorable and flexible. With snazzy way, you get to:

  • Control your profit margins because you are not restricted to an already established retail price and so you can choose to sell at whatever price you decide.
  • Also, our drop shipping services has no monthly fee and you can start right away without even contacting the supplier.
  • With snazzy way, you don’t need to have an already existing business before starting your own online store. This might however become necessary when you begin to grow in the business.
  • We have the largest stock of women’s lingerie and underwear products intimate and they are all available to you in an instant.
  • Snazzy way products are highly fashionable and our Indian suppliers research the latest trends.

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Getting Started with Snazzyway is Quick and Easy

Amazon India DropshippingChoose a drop ship plan that’s right for you

Get everything you need to get started with e commerce business.Whether you’re a curious beginner,established marketer or established company, Snazzyway has a drop ship plan to suit your needs.Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Dropshipping products for Amazon IndaiChoose Products to sell on Your Site

Browse and select from thousands of products available on most profitable niche. Our product catalog covers an extensive selection from some of the world’s best sellers.

Amazon Dropshipper

Export Product Details

Using CSV, XML feeds, you can export product details: descriptions, images, SKUs, prices, etc. We make exporting easy with our feed files. You are free to use the product details on your website.

Snazzyway India Dropshipping

Sell Products and Collect Payment

Sell Snazzyway products on your site /Marketplaces and get paid directly from your customers. Earn up to 60% profit as you set the margins for your cost and selling price.

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Order back to us and we directly deliver

You pay for only the cost of the products you sell.We direct your order to warehouse for immediate processing. We generally drop ship Nationwide (exclusions may apply, depending on the location of your customer). Orders are usually packed and shipped within 48 hours.We will also provide a tracking number for your customers, so they can check the status of their orders in real time.

Products that Will Dominate the E commerce Market


The biggest ecommerce player Amazon, listed over 562 million products last year. That’s more than half a billion different products people are buying online. Which one is the right choice for you? There’s huge earning potential in Indian ecommerce right now, but with a virtually endless supply of products you could sell and needs you could meet, one big challenge is figuring out trusted amazon india dropshipping supplier 

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Top 5 Trending Products on Indian Marketplaces


Personalized Panties

Although women's panties is an “evergreen” drop shipping product niche category, there’s a new product in this space that is quickly picking up steam.Personalized lingerie (of all kinds) is a massive trend. There is certainly a lifestyle element and community that you can leverage to establish a brand in this rapidly growing niche.Print on demand is a dropshipping type of ecommerce business model. You or your customer design the graphics, add products you want to print them on (Panties, Bras, Sets, etc)

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Plus size Lingerie

Plus size Lingerie dropshipping is a great niche for Indian market ! Contrary to the sexy models we see on television and in magazines, the average Indian woman wears a size 2xl. This is the beginning size for plus size Lingerie, by the way. If you decide to dropship plus size lingerie, you will be assured of a steady consumer demand for your products.Seriously. Thousands of women are buying plus size lingerie for themselves on Amazon every day

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Snazzyway Plus size Lingerie

Snazzyway high street panties

Sexy High Street Panties

Luxury women's panties is a growing dropshipping niche with limited players, but the market has room to grow significantly.The lingerie market in India is changing. Once dominated by a small number of big brands with relatively limited ranges of product range, as Indian women demands develop, the lingerie market is diversifying.Sexy panties is often associated with a romantic, sexy aesthetic: strapping details, sensual lace fabrications and alluring silhouettes. While this remains a popular and dominant trend

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Sexy Lingerie

Women want to feel like they are wearing a second skin when they are choosing their underwear , so the market is very size is very big in India. The Indian fashion industry has taken the women's undergarment business to a higher level by making panties more than small piece of material that covers the genital. But has made it become a form of expression of style and a force of attraction and appeal. This makes lingerie a unique and profitable dropshipping niche in India.

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Snazzyway sexy lingerie

Snazzyway Shapewear

Shapwear, Legwear and Bodywear

A lot of people made money dropshipping Shapwear, Legwear and Bodywear at the end of 2018. Overall, the shapewear, stocking and tights market is expected to grow at rapid pace by 2021. Remember, if you are struggling to come up with a niche. Just use this formula: product category for your target market. Ex. Shapwear for the fashion conscious Indian women. You can sell multiple product niches to that person.

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