Key pieces of sexy lingerie i wore on my Honeymoon


I strongly believe that modern weddings have become highly personalized, and that goes for the honeymoon, too. And while I do consider myself a fairly “fashion conscious” person, my life mantra “Always Be Prepared” for all of the possibilities. The same applies to my thoughts and advice on lingerie – including what you choose to wear on your honeymoon night!
Here I’m sharing some helpful tips while breaking some old fantasy. Plus, I’m sharing Key pieces of sexy lingerie i wore on my Honeymoon, along with feedback from some other married women. And, I’m getting totally honest about the panic that I felt when picking out my honeymoon lingerie. Yep. It’s all here. And it’s all to help you say hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath. Let’s get started!
Along these lines, I thought I'd reveal to you how I bought what I wore on my honeymoon night. To begin with, I wore extremely comfortable Red seamless push up bra set underpants for the wedding (Why Red ? I personally like dark color. Light colored bras are my least favorite like white/beige/peach) , However on honeymoon  night I was wearing a seductive see through visible  bra panties .

My Though

A woman in a see through baby doll with matching panties in red color is so sexy. Especially if she is wearing shear to waist pantyhose too. There is no doubt any guy in his right mind would not hesitate to pick you up and carry you into the bedroom for a night of romantic sex and fun. And if you are dressed like this, any body part will set him on fire! And you alone, will be the only one he desires!

The effect of my Honeymoon Lingerie

My men love seeing me in sexy lingerie. Nothing turns him on more than seeing a me on a sexy see through lingerie with stockings and high heels, preferably a pair of thigh high patent boots. lingerie i wore on honeymoon had great effect on him for the first six minutes and then like most guys he just wanted to get to the bottom of what's under that bra/ panty.. It pretty and all/ admiration etc
This post "Key pieces of sexy lingerie i wore on my Honeymoon"contributed by Yami, on behalf of Yami is a freelance writer and  lingerie expert. She writes articles to share her tips with other women, to help them feel more confident when selecting clothing

My top 5 picks

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